That fog this morning was CRAZY…
As I drove out of my driveway and headed out-of-town, I had no idea how thick that fog really was until I began driving down the 2 lane highway.   The normal speed limit for Highway 43 is 65 but I doubt I even got up to 45 until almost to work.
The term ….I can’t see my hand in front of my face …. went through my mind when I realized that I could not see if there was a car in front of me unless I was almost on its bumper!  NOT a good feeling when driving “blind” down the open highway.   Not only could I not see what was in front of me… but I had to really concentrate on the white and yellow lines to make sure I was staying on my side of the road and also not heading off the shoulder and into a ditch.

I am also a landmark driver.   With the fog so thick…. like the proverbial pea soup….. I had no way of knowing exactly where I was.    “Have I gone past the Fast’s house?”  “How far am I from Bronaugh? ”   “Was that yellow line because I am going up a hill or around a curve?” …… Yes…. I was going so slow it was hard to tell if I was turning, going straight or climbing a hill!!!!   I now had to totally trust the lines on the road that I drove over thousands of times….. those same lines that I never really gave much thought to their importance before now, were my only guideline to keep me on track to where I was going.

Now…..All of a sudden, I would see lights that seemed to just pop up out of no where heading my way!   No warning….. just there!   Once again, I was very thankful for the ability to see  the center yellow line and equally as much that the on coming vehicle could as well, and … that  we were both on our own side of the road!

Once in a while I would see some red lights ahead of me that would …. just… be there.   A car that I had caught up to or that had pulled out in front of me somewhere up the road.   I didn’t dare try to pass that car no matter how much slower they  were going, because of fear there may be a car on the opposite side of the road that could be so close I couldn’t be able to get around safely.

Finally…. about 10 Miles from work…. the Sun…Began to burn that fog away…. it begin to dissipate …. lift…. and I increased my speed…. little by little…. until finally I had a full … clear view of the highway before me.  I had no need for the lines on the road for anything other than just to mark which side of the road I was to drive on safely…. I now KNEW where I was…. where I was going…. and how far I was from my destination.

I began to think about how that experience was parallel to life….

Fog…. can make even the most familiar surroundings seem foreign…we cant always get our bearings but we keep it between the yellow and white lines… not always knowing if we are going straight or around a curve…   we don’t see what is coming at us or see that thing in front of us until it is sometimes right there on top of us .. Life is the same…we dont always see where God is leading us… we have to rely on the “lines” the leading of His Spirit and His “signs”..when Satan steers things at us that show up suddenly… we need to be prepared… on the look out .. knowing that something can show up out of know where…but we just keep trusting and moving forward… even if you have to slow down for a while… but…

When the SON burns off that “fog”….. we can soar to the finish line!!!


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