Its a relationship!!!


Like every family ,my family has many branches.   My Mom’s side that consisted with my Grandma and Grandpa Lawson and her 3 brothers and 1 sister.   My Dad’s side that consisted with My Grandma and Grandpa Farmer and his sister Leatta.  Then of course our house, consisted of my Mom, Dad, Brother and of course me.
Get-togethers would sometimes be rather large and noisy when and if all of the cousins showed up along with the Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.   Lots of laughter, conversation, and an occasional tear or two would be found in almost every room inside the house.   If you grew bored with one conversation….. you were just a door way away from the next one.

Over the years the family has increased as the cousins grew up….married… had children of their own…. and the family has decreased as some have passed away.  Our get-togethers seemed to get smaller though as family members moved away or had to split the holidays with other family gatherings especially during major holidays.   Some of us stayed close…. some… drifted apart in our relationships.   But…. we were still… by name.

As I started my own family by marriage… then a baby…. we had to build that relationship together.   My first marriage ended in divorce shortly after our son turned 2.
I remarried 5 years later and that marriage too….ended in divorce almost 9 years later when my oldest son was 15 and my youngest….3.

How does that happen?   Aren’t we “family”?

Not just one thing I’m sure…but a mixture of all of those….and of course… communication…. and or lack of time….not space ….shared with each other that led to a broken relationship.
It is funny how 2 people can live in the same house… share the same food… the same bathroom… the same space… the same last name……but… if you never talk to one another…spend quality time with one another….learning what likes and dislikes each other have…. the dreams… the fears our family members have …..the relationship….. becomes very distant.   We can still “say” we are family…. and yet we have really no idea who they are.   How can we then, truly trust…. love.. or believe what they say until we spend time…. not just space with each other.    We need to have regular communication and fellowship with each other….or our family becomes just that…. in Name only!

Our Relationship with God is very similar.

We can go to church every time the door opens… sit in our pew faithfully every Sunday…. go to all the church get-togethers… teach a class… volunteer for the various programs.  We can call ourselves Christians….call the people in the congregation our family…. Call God…. our Father…… but… it does not mean that we have a relationship or are close to God…personally.
We are merely sharing “space” in the family house of God.  How then, can we truly trust… love… or believe what He has told us if we haven’t spent time with Him to really get to know Him?

God wants to share more than just space …. He wants your heart… He just wants …… YOU!


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