I LOVE Ice-Cream!!
Hand dipped Ice cream or soft serve…. I love it all!

It really doesn’t matter what flavor either.   If Vanilla is all there is…. I’m in!
If I can add some Chocolate Syrup and or whip cream…. even better!

If we go get Ice Cream and I have my choice of the many flavors and styles… most times I will choose something that has all of the brownie pieces…. nuggets of chocolate…. caramel drizzles… marshmallow creme…. hot fudge…. peanuts or pecans… whip cream and of course… a cherry on top!

Frozen Custard and Frozen yogurt places are popping up everywhere.   One little place that has opened up only 20 minutes from my house… going speed limit of course….is a frozen yogurt shop where you pick the size of cup you want… then you choose, and help yourself to, the many flavors of yogurt to put in your bowl…. you can have all one flavor or mix them!    Oh…  and then… the fun  starts!!!
Rows… and bins… and buckets full of candy pieces of all kinds… nuts… toppings… sprinkles….fruit….syrups… whip cream…. even Chocolate whip cream…. and of course cherries!

HEAVEN ….. for someone like me…. until…. you go to pay.   You place your creation on a scale and they weigh your bowl that is overflowing with all those goodies on top of your yogurt of choice… and then….. you are charged by the weight… not  just the size of bowl you have.   Needless to say…. sometimes it is a splurge well worth it!

Home made Ice cream is another favorite!  There is just something about the texture and the way it seems extra cold and yet so delicate that you have to hurry and eat it before it melts.  It may also have something to do with being involved in the process of the making.   I remember mom pouring the milk into that big bowl…(she had made it so many times… no recipe was needed).    She would add  cream ….sugar and vanilla.   We got to taste the pre-mix and determine if it was sweet enough or needed more vanilla.  Once she had the perfect combination she would  slowly pour the mixture into the freezer.  Place the paddle inside.  Close the lid.  Pack the ice and rock salt all around….. and then plug it in!  Diligently she would keep an eye on it, adding ice, salt and water until after what seemed like for-ev-er…. we were able to dig in and enjoy!

3-4 ingredients and a little time and we are able to enjoy a simple pleasure that created many wonderful memories.

I can remember asking God one time why we had so many different denominational churches?    Was one better than the other?  Were they all scriptural?   How do I know which one is right for me?   I believe He answered me this way:

What Church we attend and the way we like to worship,  is like the way we like our ice-cream.
Some of us like plain vanilla ice cream…
Some like a little chocolate syrup on top….
And some ….like to have nuts, sprinkles, brownies, syrup, whip cream and a cherry on top…
It  doesn’t matter how you like your ice-cream as long as we all have the same base… sugar, milk, cream.

Some people like to sit quietly in a pew…singing out of old Hymnals.
Some like to Sing off of an overhead as they clap or sway to the music.
And some…. like to Shout and dance… clap and sing loudly and maybe even jump over a pew or two….
It doesn’t really matter how you worship… what church you go to…as long as we have the same “base”…Jesus .. the Son of God… born of a virgin… died on a cross and rose on the 3rd day….and we accept Him as our Lord and Savior!

Preference…. Isn’t it great we have choices to fit each and every one of us!

What kind of Ice-Cream do you like?

Like I said earlier….. I like my Ice Cream with ALL of the goodies !!!


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