I NEED !!!


As I sat down this morning to get my Sunday School lesson for the  Junior High Class I teach,  I pulled out my Bible and my Note Pad, took a deep breath and  said…”Ok God … I need for you to give me a lesson to teach tomorrow”.    Then…as fast as it came out of my mouth,  a word picture went zooming across my mind.    I could hear and see my kids coming to me with “needs”…”demands”!

Mom .. I “need” $10.00 for this…. I “need” $40.00 for that…..I “need” new pair of shoes….I “need” a ride here…. I “need” my favorite shirt washed ….. today…

Wait a Minute!!

Where is the …. Hello Mom… how are you today?      How is your day going?      Thank you for everything you do!      Is there anything I can do for you today?      I sure do love you!

Oh My!!!

Is THAT what I just did with my Father God?

YES… Yes it was….!  I had just sat down and took it for granted that since God is my Father, I could just stick my little hand out in his face asking… no … actually more like “demanding” He just lay my desire, my want …. my assumed “need” neatly in the palm of my hand.    I have just reverted to an assuming, ungrateful, selfish child.
No….  Good Morning God…. How are you today?     How is your day going?   Thank You, Lord for everything you do for me!    Is there anything I can do for You today?   Someone You want me to pray for?   Lord.. I Love You!

Of course I repented and then wondered why we (I) do that to Him.
Just like our kids, get used to us always being there for them…. the laundry magically getting clean and folded and put away…. the money tree only being a hand stretch away…their transportation and needs, wants and desires being met daily, because , after all…. isn’t that a parents…. job?    Isn’t that their Obligation to their children?   Did we, as parents decide to have children so we could wait on them hand and foot?  Or did we have children so we could show our love and be loved by …. to have someone to share our time with… our home… our life?

I think we get that way with God.    We get so used to Him always being with us that we begin to take advantage of that.  We have learned that He is our provider…. our helper…. our healer…our friend….. our Father…… and although that is all true, we can never take that for granted.  We have to remember we were created for Him.. to show love and be loved by…. to share His time…. His home….. His life with…..not, the other way around!

It’s a good thing to know and believe He is always with us and we can rest in that assurance…. but… a bad thing when He only becomes someone we  only  Talk to when we “need” something. 

Do I know that my kids love me ….. even when it seems like all I hear is the ” I NEED’s ?

Yes I do!

Does God know that I love Him even when all He seems to hear out of my mouth is “I NEED”?

Yes He does!

Do I “NEED” to hear those words of Love and gratitude from my kids now and then?

Yes I do!

Does God “NEED” to hear those same words of Love and gratitude from me?

I believe He does…!


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