At two years old,  I have to tell you,  my little granddaughter is the smartest little thing on the planet…. of course you wouldn’t expect a proud grandma to say anything less now would you?       When she stays the weekend with me,  I just cannot believe all the new things she does.   She is always watching the people around her, and the next thing you know….. you see her doing it.    She has my smart phone figured out better than I do,  and that little finger can scroll through pictures and apps like nobodies business!

She knows where my Peanut’s dog food and treats are…where to get her cheese sticks ….how to click the mouse on my computer…how to buckle her car seat… she knows that we paint toes and fingers when we she is here… clasps her little hands together when we sit to eat and says “I Pay”……and of course the list goes on and on!

The imitating part however is the cutest!!!

She needs her lipstick on and rubs them together like a grown up (imitated by a two-year old).        She takes her coffee cup filled with juice to the coffee pot like grandma.   She loves her guitar and of course has to have her pic.    One day, as she was playing…. I saw her stick that pic in between her teeth so she could strum the strings …. just like she has seen both her Daddy and her Uncle Colin do.     At church,  she sees others as well as myself lift our hands in Praise during our Praise and Worship service and up goes those little hands!   She is with me when I pray with people and as I lay hands on them her little hand reaches out to lay that little hand on them too!   Amazing how much they are truly watching those seemingly little things we do.


Words are another thing she is mimicking… they come out quicker now… much easier to understand.     Her ….”I yih yih” for (I love you) is getting much more defined now, and the…. “oh my goodness”…. has had so much expression added to it.   When she has an  “owie”…. she will come to me and say…. Pray God….and we lay hands on it, thank Jesus for the little owie to be healed quickly and all is well  again in her little world!

 but … 

With all of the “good” things she is imitating…. there will  opportunities to pick up bad  words as well  (although I haven’t seen any yet at 2 years old !

She is a sponge !!!   

Ephesians 5:1 says in the amp.. Therefore be imitators of God (copy Him and follow His example), as well-beloved children (imitate their father)

Just like my little granddaughter, we need to be little  imitators…. sponges, when it comes to our walk with God.    Whether it is walking in love, forgiving, giving, healing, ministering, speaking faith filled words,  we need to be watching His every move…. studying His ways… and then “imitate” what we see and hear!     The more we practice, the better we will become.

Shoot…. we can’t really go wrong if we are keeping our eyes and our ears on Him now can we!!!   His ways are perfect so there is no better person to imitate than God!

So I guess the question is……..Who… or what….. have we been watching and Imitating ?


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