… But When The Light is On!


The day after CHRISTmas….
A quiet morning.
I sat with my coffee, a notebook, and my Bible on my lap working on a Sunday School lesson for next week.     At one point I looked up and saw my tree in the corner of the room.   There were no more presents under the tree except for the little toy kitchenette I had put together last night for my Granddaughter Payton after I got home from CHRISTmas at my Mom’s…..( FYI: not an easy task )
As I  found myself  just staring at my tree, my mind started on a fast-moving journey of events…
…..I first began thinking about how pretty the tree was.   I decorated it in purple, my favorite color so it just makes my smile when I look at it.     My eyes and my mind then focused on the faint little sparkle of the ornaments that catch a glimmer of light from the house lights that are on…..the large ribbon bow I had made sitting on top of the tree and flowing down the sides so graceful and elegant just made it……. pretty!

Then… I thought about having to take it down …… someday.    Oh how I dread that time!    It is always fun putting it up, but taking it down…. well, THAT is just plain work!  The room always seems so empty without all of the decorations and the tree.   Not my favorite time of the year no doubt!
Now as I really looked at the tree….. I realized I had not plugged in the lights and how drab it really looks when the lights are not plugged in.  The Beautiful decorations didn’t quite do it justice without the glow of the lights bouncing off  them.    Even though in and of themselves they were pretty….. without the light shining in and around them they just seemed…..lifeless, plain, dull and uninviting.

Why…. just because it is the 26th of December and Christmas day is behind us…..Why haven’t I turned on the lights?
With the lights on, everything just shines!!!       Those same  pretty ornaments that are hung on the tree really seem to come to life when the light is on them.   Some of the ornaments seem to simply fade into the background of the lights, but even the ones that have nicks in them are now beautiful under the glow of the lights.    Nicked or damaged…. faded or new….it doesn’t seem to even matter… all I see is how beautiful and peaceful…. and inviting the tree is when the lights are on.
We…. are like that tree…
We decorate ourselves by putting on make-up … Jewelry…. pretty clothes…. perfume, and even a gorgeous smile on our faces.     Oh we are something to look at… pleasing to the eye…. but far to often…something is still missing…!
The “LIGHT” !
Most of us have “the Light” of Jesus in our lives…. in our hearts… we just sometimes don’t… or forget… or refuse to turn the “Light” on.
Why do we do that?   Don’t we realize how much more beautiful we are when the “Light” shines on us…. in us…through us?    
Some of our best qualities really sparkle when the light bounces off them… and those that are less appealing…the parts of us that are not perfect… nicked….damaged… well,  when the light is shining …. they seem to just fade into the background… and they don’t seem as prominent as they seemed before. 
We now become even more beautiful because of the glow of that beautiful “Light”…. Peace and Love now emanates from us making us more lifelike…and inviting!

God has made us in His image…. beautifully knit together.  But like that tree…. if the windows of our souls do not have “the Light” shining in and around and through them… then we can only shine for Him with the light of those around us.  Catching a faint glimmer now and then and never knowing how long it may last.  We all have that same opportunity… that same light source … we just sometimes forget… or refuse to plug into it….
I don’t know about you…but…

I am “Turning on my Lights”


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