although I have never seen it in real life…. I have seen many old westerns where people have fallen into a trap of Quicksand.
The more they fought to save themselves the faster and deeper they would sink,
The struggles that were meant to free them, would actually keep them from being saved.   Fear sat in and they could not hear the voice and instructions from the one who might be there to save them…but …if they would only stop….. relax, they actually “floated” longer until help arrived or someone could pull them to safety.

My need to “know” how things are going to happen…my need to “fix” things that aren’t right……my need to “see” the answer…. has been my Quicksand.

I would pray and tell God my dilemma …. and when I began to sink…. I would feel the need to save myself……any way I could to get out!!
The harder I tried to get free… the deeper I sank…. the more I fought God in the direction He was taking the situation…. the faster I sank….
Many times, I have felt the quicksand up to my chin before finally letting go of the self saving fight in my quicksand of troubles.
When I finally  would quit fighting… and start trusting…. is when those loving arms would reach down and pull me out of that pit of Quicksand and set me on solid ground..!     Safe…. !

Even though now,  I know better… there are still times when I want to try to save myself from the Quicksand…. however … I remind myself… that I need to relax…. I need to trust God!     God saw me fall in that pit…He knows all about the situation…the mess….. the dangers…..and His arms are near enough, long enough, and strong enough, to pull me out of the smallest to the biggest trap of Quicksand that I could encounter…

How much easier is it on me when I do. My muscles aren’t as sore from tensing up… my heart rate is much slower… my stress level is down….my mind is uncluttered with worry so I can now hear the voice of the one who is bringing me to solid ground….Safe!


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