Batman and Robin


Batman and Robin….

I bet most of you can hear the theme song in your head right now…..hear the slow precise voice of Batman….Robin’s quotes of “holy chicken wings batman”…. and the colorful stars that would take up the screen during a fight scene with words like SOCK…. POW… ZAP….OUCH!!!     I remember looking forward to watching the show every afternoon after school…….. The Joker… Riddler…. Catwoman… and the Penguin…. all in their funny little costumes, they would have something up their sleeve to cause havoc in Gotham City.      The Bat Phone would ring or the bat signal in the sky would shine, and suddenly Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson would have to excuse themselves from company and retreat to the “bat pole” that took them to the “bat cave” so they could get into the “bat car” so that they could fight crime and once again save Gotham City from doom!!!

What brave souls they were!   Although they got into some very “sticky” situations… they always managed to come up on top…!    How did they do that?!?!      Batman was cool!!!     He was always the leader… the decision maker… the one who figured out the plan…. he had women after him… always got the recognition…. and he drove the “bat car” ….

but…. Robin….

Robin was “just the sidekick”…Robin was the tag along… the comedy relief… the sounding board to bounce of the clues with…it was never his name they asked for when they were in trouble… it was always Batman…. never “oh no…. we need Batman AND Robin~~~

It didn’t seem to bother him though… he was a part of the team…. the Caped Crusaders…The Dynamic Duo…..!     I have found myself  playing the role of Robin more times than Batman…Most times….. it is ok…..I know that what I do and say are important in the task set before me and when I do my part…. it goes smoothly for all of us ….. just being a part of “the team” is awesome!

But sometimes…. just sometimes… I would like to be Batman instead of Robin.. Why?     Hmmmmm not really sure… is it pride?     So that I could get recognized?     A Pat on the back?     My name on the Bat sign?    Is it for self-assurance and self-worth?     There again are the words “self” which is a pride motivated word…, me, me…

So where am I seeking that “worth” and value?    From the world….. or from The WORD?     Batman got his reward from knowing deep inside of him that he was doing good… not for the recognition of the Mayor… not from the news  reporters or the people of Gotham City… He did it because it was the right thing to do…. His identity stayed a secret… and he stayed humble.

I understanding that Batman couldn’t do it by himself …. he NEEDS  Robin to do his part so that he can do his part…  Robin is gifted with a different gift as Batman and by WORKING TOGETHER…. it makes everything better and the victory is always  sweet!

We all can’t be Batman…!    What a dull and boring world it would be.    I think we would end up going nowhere fast….even in circles maybe!    We need input from a different outlook… and bit of comedy relief when things get too tense from the problem solving….yep…. we need a Robin in our lives…!

Robin is my gift…. an encourager… a supporter…a strong shoulder to lean on…. and …. I like it!    It’s in me…. a part of me…..It is how God made me…!   It may be how God made you!!!    Do you except it?     Or… are you trying to fight it?   It’s a whole lot easier to accept it… and you might be surprised how much more fun Robin actually has being Robin than trying to be Batman.

Holy eye opener Batman!!!

Tune in next time when we learn that even when we aren’t Batman to EVERYONE we are Batman to SOMEONE!

I’ll be here…. Same bat time…. same bat channel ;~)


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