Here’s Your Sign


Life has taught me many “God” lessons through out my life. God talks to me through picture form and that seems to make those lessons He teaches me to stick and become more real.

I seem to get a lot of my “inspirations” from God as I am driving.    I guess while I am driving,  I am a captive audience and my mind, although going in several directions, my body at least physically has to stay in one spot…..

Several years ago as I was driving home from somewhere and I happened to  noticed the speed limit sign out of the corner of my eye as I was reaching for the radio dial to turn up a favorite song that was beginning to play…
However….I really didn’t see the numbers on the sign….I just assumed that it was a  55 MPH sign,  since I have driven that road several times and KNEW that  was the speed limit, and therefore went on as usual.

but….What if …..what if  I was going 80 MPH?…….What if I was not paying attention to the several signs I passed on that particular road I was on?   What if every time a sign came up,  I intentionally or unintentionally…looked away…. fiddled with the radio staition…looked in the mirror…?
What if …. I got stopped by a police officer for going 80 MPH in a 55 MPH speed zone?

Speed Limit signs…… Caution signs…. signs telling us how many miles to the next town…. are all put on the road …. not once… but several times for those of us who are just getting on the road or for those who have been on the same road for some time, to assure us that we are going the right way… that we need to watch out for upcoming hazards…. to remind us to slow down… or… speed up….

Do you think my “excuse” of not seeing the “signs” would  get me out of the ticket?
It really would sound like a lame excuse when he tells me that I must have passed at least 5 signs within a 20 mile radius…
How do you think my excuse will hold up in front of the Judge?

God…places signs on our path of life…
Some to tell us we are going too fast….. too slow…. signs to tell us we need to be cautious ahead… tell us we are on the right (or wrong) path….. or signs to even tell us about Jesus… that He is real…. That we need Him in our lives…

Some times….. when we know we are lost, we “look”  for those signs….
Sometimes….we want to avoid them so when we see them coming …. we look away….hoping that if we don’t see them we can use that as an excuse if we get caught….
Sometimes…. we slip by without consequences….


On Judgement day…. before God our Judge….
How will that excuse of…. “I never saw that sign” hold up ?

I believe He will then show us the “Signs….

Those  signs…… of when all of those people He placed in our lives were speaking Truth to us….
Those signs……of all the Sermons we ignored….
Those signs…..of the Messages on the  TV…. the Radio….that we turned off.
Those signs of how He tried to warn us numerous times to look up…. read the signs…but… we CHOSE not to listen…Not to look ….at that all important sign…
That Sign leading us to Him…to accept Jesus as our Saviour….
We decided we could slip past that one …. looking away…. because ….?

God will not let one person travel on this road of life without providing all the signs to help him or her get home.    He points the way clearly…. but it is our responsibility to read those signs.


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