Making Healthy Choices

When you turn on the tv…. read a newspaper….. listen to the radio…. it seems like we hear story after story of Children disappearing…….. wifes or husbands vanishing…. not a day goes by, I doubt, that something, somewhere has happened to someone that is beyond imagination.     They tend to look first at family members, which to me, has to be  a horrible thing to have to go through… but… more times than not… it ends up being the one that is supposed to be the protector, the lover, the caregiver… the one that is supposed to be the most trusted person in their life.
Adults  who are so selfish, think they will simply take care of their problem by killing a cheating spouse or one that they have decided they just don’t love anymore …Somehow,  they have justified murder instead of divorce…..thinking, I assume, the problem will die with the person and maybe they will save face somehow….. Hard to understand that line of thinking.    Someone who just a few months…. years … or even days ago had told us how much they love us would be capable of doing such a horrible thing.
What really gets me, however,  is when a child is involved.     I am amazed at the number of little children who end up missing…and eventually found dead… only to find out it was a parent…the one that was supposed to be the one who is the protector!
I remember reading a while back about how some parents  would poison their children just so they could nurse them back to health…they someohow needed that satisfaction of being the “saviour” ….
When the child would get bad enough to have to go to the hospital… they would of course get better being away from the source of poisoning….. but… the minute they returned home…. they began to get sick again.

Home… the place where they should be able to go for comfort and healing and safety,  was actually the place they would instead get sicker and sicker…and maybe eventually…. die.

Some times,  we have un healthy people and places in our lives…
Places …..that should be peaceful … that should provide comfort and healing…. but instead actually poison our spirit, soul and body.

It could be an unhealthy marriage….
It could be an unhealthy relationship….
It could be an unhealthy work place….
It could even be an unhealthy church….

Each of these should be a place of growth…. a place to feel  peace……
We run to them with the assumption “if we can just get to our safe place, everything will be ok”…
But… when we get there, we only get another dose of poison…and so we get sicker and sicker…… weaker and weaker…
It is so subtle and it takes us sometimes years before we realize “this is not normal”…this is not a healthy place to be.
Getting out isn’t always easy… but, when it comes to survival…. that may be the only choice…. to leave those things, those people, those places that are supposed to be good but are actually doing us more harm than good.

Love…. from a distance…. and pray for those involved… but take care of “you” so you can take care of those God puts in your path.


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