The Plan of Attack

scissors[1]I guess I am probably the Hairdresser’s worst nightmare because those scissors in my bathroom drawer are a little bit too handy when the mirror is not reflecting what I want it to.     Several times,  I have tried to “improve” that reflection by “trimming” just the crown portion of my hair so that it will do what I want it too…. I either don’t have the time to get an appointment to see the “Professional”…. or…. I am just wanting instant results and don’t want to wait.

Now… I can pretty much get away with it the first time…..It looks ok to the untrained eye and from a distance….. but… if I do it again before I have it done professionally…. that line between the top and the bottom gets to be pretty drastic and then when they try to “fix” it to my specifications….well…. it is almost next to impossible.    I have to give them credit though…. they want to make me happy and we seem to find a “compromise”.    They are now happy that I have not left crying and I am happy that they didn’t butcher me.

HOWEVER…. Neither one of us REALLY got the IDEAL outcome.    Well…. Last week I went to someone new.    I had to admit to him that I had taken the scissors to my hair and his reply was….”I was wondering what happened to the top of your head”….yep… it was pretty obvious!!!  Not quite in the running for the Billy Cirus look a like photo shoot…. but close!

Now… the plan of attack…. He is going to see me in 4 week intervals… (I am assuming, before I have a chance to get the scissors out).    Let the top grow out to fill in that spot that has been removed by said scissors and then slowly get me to what I am hopefully anticipating as the Ideal cut that I have been so desperately seeking for sometime now.   He can “see” that outcome in his mind…. I can’t right now… but… I decided that I was going to trust him and go with it.   Why?   Was it his confident tone of  how he told me?    My desperation on getting “fixed” ?     My age,  in the fact that I am not as “picky” as I once was?   I’m really not quite sure… maybe ……a combination of those and many others floating around in my head.  I just did it!

Granted…. he did have to go to the extreme on the length in order to make it all meld together…. but… since I know that he has a plan of attack and a final outcome that is supposed to be fantastic... well…..that seemed to be all that I needed to keep me from falling into that pit of despair that would have normally been my home for the next 3 months until my hair grew back.

God also has a plan of attack for my life!     He knows what He has planned out for my life!

Jeremiah 29:11 in the Message Bible says it this way “ I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

Wow…. pretty plain and simple…He has it all planned out!     Step by Step….. hour by  hour…. day by day…. week by week…. month by month….. year….. by…… year.    Yep… sometimes we have to wait year…. by ….. year to see that Ideal plan unfold…. !    I sometimes however, do not like to wait… So…. I get those scissors out of the drawer and start “trimming” on those problem spots in my life myself.    Now,  I can sometimes get away with it …..for awhile.     Things seem to look as though they are ok and “fixed” to the untrained eye and …… from a distance…. but….If I continue to “trim” on those problems myself…. after awhile….well…like my hair…. the top and the bottom… the beginning and the end …. just doesn’t “meld” together.     That middle part…. the part that I am living in … the here and now…. just …. exists…there is no flow…no..harmony…. it is just….”there”….

NOW… I take it to the Professional… NOW …. I surrender….. NOW …. I trust…. OH YES…. He has a mess to fix….I tell HIM that I have taken the scissors to my life… to “trim” off those problems…and HE says…. “Yes… I was wondering what had happened to that part of your life”…. and then…. He puts into motion HIS plan of attack…. HE sometimes has to really get drastic in HIS first line of defense…Whack off some of what I had been hanging on to for what ever reason…. It doesn’t seem to be ….and right now isn’t… the Ideal situation… but… HE has a plan!     If I will just hang on to that HOPE …. and catch the “vision” My God has for me….That Plan…. That HE is going to take care of me…. that HE will NOT abandon me…. and that HE is giving me the future that I hope for!!!!

OH MY!!!!

I am hoping for a glorious, prosperous, amazing, bright, wonderful future….!

And my GOD said HE will give that to me!

I am hooking up with HIS Plan of attack for my life!!!!


One thought on “The Plan of Attack

  1. Wow, from its roots to the end, your post was fantastic! I’ve been known to use my desk scissors a few times, but… I can’t wait to see where His vision takes me! God bless!

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