My Pastor was talking today about Martyrs during a sermon a few weeks ago….. Those who have given EVERYTHING for their Faith… their Love…. to, and for, the One True God…. When faced with the opportunity to deny that Faith… that God they served or…. face a death in such a horrific manner… they chose to stay faithful to the One who had been faithful to them, trusting in what the Word of God said that if we were faithful, (even if we must die for it) He will give us the crown of life…. (Revelation 2:10)

Some,  have spent years imprisoned for their faith … beaten … and suffering on a daily basis by those who hate them simply because of their God,  and still,  have witnessed to thousands of people in spite of their captivity.

Here in America… we really do not have persecution to that extreme…


Oh… we sometimes get poked fun at because of our beliefs…our standards…our Faith….
We may get yelled at by someone who wants to call us intolerant if we make a statement against a moral issue…racists if we simply disagree with someone out side our race or our belief system… but … all in all … most of what is lost is a few tears or maybe some self-esteem.    Except on those rare occasions do we lose our lives… or well-being.     We are still … functional….

As I sat and listened to the sermon….I began thinking about how when we hear the word Martyrs our minds think of those who usually are in a foreign country …Those who have gone on a short-term mission trip or who have chosen to make it their life work….Then, God dropped this thought in my mind…. we have Martyrs here…. Daily…..and you and I know them Personally!

My Dad … I believe was a Martyr…
You see… My Dad had Cancer…. He actually received Jesus while in Stage 4 Cancer.    He was given just a few months by the Doctors to live…. and yet… he lived several months longer… why?     He was a fighter…. yes… but…. more than that… I believe God gave him a mission.     Nurses that would take care of him, would marvel at his strength… his as well as my mom’s ability to face all of those terrible things that came along with that horrible disease, with love for each other….trust in a God we all believed in …and I believe… that even though my Dad was officially a new Christian… He knew Jesus from the time He was a little boy and that showed to those around him.    Without speaking a word…. He ministered faith… love… hope… to every Nurse,  Doctor, or Hospice person who came in contact with him.

I have had friends … Killed in a Car wreck…. Coming home from a church service on a Sunday night… Who loved God and walked to the best of their ability to serve a faithful God…
I have friends who have lost little ones far to soon…. I can not imagine the pain that has to be in their heart…their souls… their spirits…

Friends and Family members and acquaintances who have gone through the fire… the torture…. the suffering at the hands of evil circumstances… sickness… disease…perils…
Some overcoming… some … not.   Their Faith in the God who never leaves us or forsakes us…. held in the highest utmost position in their lives.    Never wavering or denying that One True God they knew and Loved…even unto death.

With each one of those loses… Many,  who may have never heard the Gospel,   have come to know…. or will… come to know that same loving God that they and I  serve.    Not one of those lives lost…… have been in vain!

The Bible says in John 10:10
Satan (the Thief) comes to steal, Kill and destroy….

Whether it is in a foreign country being physically imprisoned , tortured or murdered by an enemy that can be seen……or here at home… imprisoned in a body and suffering from a horrible disease,  or a life that has been taken before their time by an enemy that we can not see…..

The enemy hates you if you love God!

But…. I have a God who loves us so much that He gave His own son as a Martyr for You and for me!   Many have and will hear the Gospel and be saved through his imprisonment, torture and death.

My favorite verse in the Bible brings this home…..

Genesis 50:20 NLT         You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good.  He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.



2 thoughts on “Martyrs

  1. It appears and I believe that persecution of Christians will come to America in the near future. I am
    afraid most of the American Christians are totally
    unprepared for it.

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