Have you ever watched the TV show “Hoarders, Buried Alive”?
I have only actually watched it a few times but have seen commercials about it several times…
As I watch, I am amazed at how “blind” or how “numb” these people who live day in and day out in these homes are to their surroundings..
Watching them climb over mountains of clothing, furniture, or trash to get from one end of the house to the other without actually “seeing” that this is really…. Not… normal is amazing to me.
I watch as family members or friends come in and try to help them…. to convince them to “clean” things up … throw things out….and they will fight tooth and nail to hold on to even the littlest item that they feel as though they could not possibly live without.    You can actually see the panic set into their faces when faced with the possibility of parting with anything they have collected….!
They say things like…. it is my house…. my life…. I’m not hurting anyone…its not hurting me…its really ok….
But when they begin to dig into those piles…. they have found all kinds of  bugs.. evidence of rodents…..mold …. mildew…. things that can be very deadly to those people if not taken care of… hidden from them either by choice or by design.
When they finally get these people professional help, the agony and the struggle they go through is beyond my understanding.     How can anyone be so attached to “junk”….how can anyone be so blind to the filth that is lying underneath those piles… how can anyone live like that … .how can anyone……?
…..and then it hit me…
How many of us have those “things” in our lives (spiritually) that we are hoarding?
Those things that we hang on to because we just absolutely feel like we can not  get rid of it and survive…. Little sins or habits  that really don’t hurt anyone…. its my “house”…. my life….I’m not hurting anyone…. it’s not hurting me…..its really ok….
if not taking care of… if we continue to pile those “little” sins on top of one another… they begin to create pockets of decay… attracting bugs….rodents….. in some areas mold and mildew begins to grow and causing us to become ill… become weak… and could very likely be deadly to us if not “cleaned out”
What could possibly be in my life that I would not want to get rid of… ?    Something that I just climb over in my mind when I need to get from one thought to another…one day to the next…. surely … I could see something that bad … that obvious….
Unforgiveness for one…. some of us hold on to that “sin” for sometimes years…. decades…. we can’t possibly imagine living with out that…. every time we are faced with the idea of “throwing it out” we shudder…we deserve that “token” in our lives…. its my little pile… not hurting anyone…
but… if we dig underneath …. we can see that the deadly mold and decay … the bugs….the rodents are eating away at our lives and if we don’t “clean” it out… throw it out… it will be deadly to us ….
Wrong Thoughts…
How many piles do we really have in our lives…? If we really … really... opened our eyes… we would probably be amazed at what we have been climbing over for several years and not actually seeing the abnormal way of life we have been living.
Those people on the TV show have had to have someone come in and “reveal” to them Reality!    To open their eyes to the fact that this was not an ideal way of life… but, there is a much better life under that pile… freedom … and health.
Holy Spirit… open my eyes to those piles that I have in my life… the ones that I have grown accustomed to so much that I somehow do not even notice that it is not “normal”…….the sins that I have hoarded in fear that I can not live without … those things that are actually rotting and destroying my life… Give me strength, wisdom, and revelation to clean my house of all those piles so that I may live a life that is full and fruitful!

One thought on “Hoarders

  1. Wow, LOVE this analogy!!! So true! Much to think about… May our prayers and will be aligned with His. If we are praying for God to reveal the “‘things’ that we are hoarding”, He will reveal them to us and provide the strength, wisdom, and discernment to fight against them and persevere through the pain it may cause. Great post!

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