They are everywhere!
Every size, shape, form and fashion imaginable!
We have walls in our homes… some painted bright cheerful colors… some with paneling (yep… still have some of those)…. some with very ornate wall papers…. and some painted just a basic white…
We decorate those walls with pictures of people we love, with flowers, paintings, clocks….they take on their own personality… a personality that reflects each and every one of those who sit behind those walls.

Those very walls that give us a visual comfort after a long day out in the world, are also there for our protection.    Protection from the cold… the heat…. the wind… the rain, snow and sleet.    We know that when we go inside our homes and close the doors… we will  now be hidden from the storms on the other side of those walls.    A place where we can relax…we can find peace…..we are safe!

A lot of us, have also built walls around our hearts.
Over the years we have been hurt.    We have had our hearts exposed to all of the elements,  and over time….our little hearts have taken hit after hit and we just can not  seem to take any more…. so….
We get out the materials to begin building our own wall of protection.

Some of us use wood and nails to build our wall… one that goes up quickly but is also fairly removable without a lot of effort.
Some of us who have been hurt deep…. and long…. get out the bricks and the mortar… this time we will NOT let anything slip through those slats….NOTHING is going to hurt me ever again.
It may take a little longer to build …. but most definitely not coming down at all too easily.

We get so used to those walls that we begin to even decorate them…we take pride in the way our wall looks…. and feels… and we know,  that all we have to do is close the door and the wall will make us feel safe… secure… free to relax.

I had built walls….

I first started out with just  the “fence” because I really couldn’t believe I would actually need a wall around my heart… thoughts of…..”they didn’t mean it”… “must have been something I did to provoke that”…
Sometimes that was the case …. but far too many times it wasn’t… so… out came the bricks and mortar….
It hurt way to much for me to have to go through that again…

So… for many years I had finally had a pretty big, strong, wall built that not even the big bad wolf could blooooowww it down.    I had it decorated too… it was very homey for me to slip behind when I felt threatened…. oh… once in a while I would open up that tiny little door I left and let someone…. something… slip in… but still I was very guarded.
Although safe… in my own way of thinking…. I was still struggling.


Then I believe I heard from God.    He told me that the trouble with building a wall to keep things from getting in…. it also keeps things from getting OUT!

Woah….. so exactly what have I “trapped” inside here in my heart that needs to get out?

Unforgivenss…….. Bitterness……Anger…. Selfishness…..Hate….
Those things that had all that extra time to grow and grow and grow…. Nothing was able to come in to challenge them…. so…. they could just stay in the comfort of those walls and get stronger and stronger.

It has taken a while to get that wall down… some of those pieces needed some extra muscle to get rid of… and every now and again I still trip over pieces of that wall that I have over looked…. but…. with my Faith In God…and His Faithfulness to me…. those walls are almost down to good soil, tilled and ready to receive the Love of God and everything that goes with that… Trusting Him… the strength of my heart…. Psalm 73:26


One thought on “WALLS

  1. Excellent article, Teresa! I know those old, thick walls well and, man! It’s tough work tearing them down! Especially when you have so many people that are more than willing to keep helping you with the building of them! God bless you, Sweet Sister! Keep ’em coming! ❤

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