After church…. like almost every Sunday we have the usual…”Where do you want to eat?” dialog on the way to town. One Sunday… we decided that Taco Bell/KFC would be the place we agreed on.     We found a place to sit next to a large open window that faced Pizza Hut and the Drive through.     I joked with Colin that I had better make a note to self not to be doing anything embarrassing the next time we went through that drive through because you are “up close and personal” when  sitting in those seats…

As I watched out the window while we were eating I saw several people go in… and come out of Pizza Hut…. I saw people who I knew… some I didn’t… and then ….I watched as one car pulled out of the parking SPOT next to the door … and without even getting around the building…. another car pulled in to the exact same SPOT.
I wondered…..How many times in one day does that happen….?
Countless times…. I’m positive…
Not only in “that”  SPOT at THAT location… but in many other SPOTS and other locations…. the same thing happens…
Sometimes I have had people wait for me to finish putting my purchases in my Jeep….. patiently …. waiting…. until I put the cart up in that little stall….. waiting…. until I get in my Jeep…..waiting…. until I fasten my seat belt…..waiting…. until I finaly pull out of that “SPOT”

That SPOT …. was mine.. but it was only mine for the time that I needed it to be…It was a temporary “SPOT”.     It wasn’t or ever will be loyal to me…. saved for only me the next time I needed it.    I am not loyal to that SPOT either… the next time I may find a SPOT closer… or maybe…. Farther away from the door…. but… there will more than likely be a SPOT for me SOMEWHERE…
I have been in places where I have had to drive around the block…. several times …. to find a SPOT….If I still haven’t found one and am determined to stop in… I can either…. drive around again…. and again… and again…. waiting for someone to give up their “SPOT”…. or I may have to look farther down the block … or next block …. to find one… all depends on my determination of whether I feel like this is the place I really want to be at the time.

“SPOTS”…. We all have them in our lives…
We have our “SPOT” at home…
our “SPOT” at the table…. our “SPOT” where we watch TV….
We have our “SPOT” at work… the place we work.. or our position…
We have our “SPOT” at church… the place where we always sit… stand…our position on staff or a committee…

We take pride and comfort in those “SPOTS” sometimes… but just like the parking “SPOTS”… they are temporary…. and there will always be someone waiting to take that “SPOT” when you are not there….we really can not hold on to any of them for an indefinite period of time… and yet… so many of us will start a small war… or get offended at the thought of having to give up their “SPOT”.

One “SPOT” …. however IS a “SPOT” we can always be sure of… a “SPOT” that we can call our own….. a “SPOT” that NO ONE can ever take away from us….

God has said in John 14:2-4     That God has gone to prepare a “Place” for you….. your very own “SPOT”….. in Heaven…with God!
God also has a “SPOT” for you in the Lambs Book of Life….
Revelation 3:5 says He will not BLOT out your name from the Book of Life…!  The Message Bible says your name is written Indelibly …. that means it cannot be easily removed …. washed away or erased…

That “SPOT” is MINE….
I don’t have to stand over it to save my “SPOT”….
I don’t have to worry about someone taking my “SPOT”
I just have to make sure I have my name in that “SPOT”
….. and that “SPOT”…. can never be lost….
THAT “SPOT”….. is worthy of bragging rights!!!

….. and ….. the best part….

God has a “SPOT” saved for you!!!!
It is the best “SPOT”
Just …for ….the asking ;~)


One thought on “MY SPOT

  1. You mentioned our spot at church. It’s good to not become too possessive of ‘our spot’. One morning in SS, a lady came in and someone was already in ‘her spot’. Instead of just going to another chair, she demanded that the woman move ‘THAT is MY spot!’ she loudly declared. The woman quietly moved. Neither lady now needs ‘that spot’ but it was something I still remember after a number of years. Guess which lady I’d rather have as a friend..

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