Years ago I had decided to go dig up a Yucca plant and transplant it in my yard.    I thought they were the coolest plants that always stayed green, and they had that stalk of pretty white flowers that shot up in the middle of it during the summer.   They seemed to be a hardy plant and surely I wouldn’t or couldn’t kill it, so, off to the side of the road I went with my trusty little shovel.

Oh My Goodness!     I had no idea what I had gotten myself into …..!                  I dug …. and pulled…. and dug…. And pulled… I twisted and I tugged and I ….. gave up on that one!

I found a smaller one and tried again….. TRIED…… and FAILED…..
Then…. I had a thought!!!!
I saw some growing at an angle by the railroad tracks!     Now….If I could just go at that thing at an angle and kind of just shave it off that should be a lot easier….right?….Wrong!

I still …dug….. and pulled ….and dug…. and pulled…..I twisted and I tugged …. And FINALLY ….. success!!!!     One small Yucca in my hand …. Ready to be a new addition to my yard.

What started out as a supposedly simple task had taken most of my afternoon.     I not only walked away with a much smaller Yucca plant than I had initially sought after…. But, I also had some very sore muscles, some major blisters on my hands plus cuts from the sharp leafs of the Yucca plant.     But…. I was happy….!    I got my Yucca!!!!

Now… I had to dig a hole to plant it in!
After digging my hole, I had to carry a few buckets of water from the back yard since I didnt have a hose,  to make sure it had soft wet soil for those roots that I had just disturbed, to begin to make that new spot their home.

For several weeks I made sure the ground stayed moist so all that hard work would not be lost in vain and my new little Yucca die from lack of water.    I would venture to say, that If I were to take a trip out to the spot where I planted that Yucca….. it would more than likely still be there….alive and well….. Still green…. and for the record….. I would NOT have a desire to dig it up and bring it home with me.

The roots of a Yucca are amazing!
I thought of those roots when I did a lesson on unforgiveness when the Author of the book  I was reading said that unforgiveness was the “root” of hate….
What I then saw in my mind was this:

When someone has done us wrong…we have a choice to make… to forgive… or not to forgive… it really is just that simple you know…. A choice!

If we choose not to forgive… what we usually do then is to dwell on that offense.
We have PLANTED that offense in our minds… and now… we begin to WATER  it….
We rehearse those conversations over and over in our minds….WATER
We relive the act that was done to us….WATER…… we sometimes even share our offense with one….two….three…. EVERYONE.     We find ourselves thinking about it all the time!

What happens when you water a seed?    Roots begin to grow…!    In our minds we water those thoughts…. Those roots begin to grow…. And grow…. Down … down…. They are headed towards our hearts!    And… just like that Yucca plant… when those roots get to your heart…. They wrap themselves tightly around and in your heart…

The Word says out of the abundance of your hear does the mouth speak (Matthew 12:34)

When we have unforgiveness in our “minds” and we don’t let it go….it gets “rooted” in our hearts…. And when “rooted” in our “heart”….. It turns to ”hate” ….and when it turns to “hate” ….well…. God said in 1 John 3:15… that anyone who hates his brother is (at heart) a murderer….WOW!!!

I know how hard it is to get all the roots of unforgiveness out of my mind!    Been there… done that…but.. like that Yucca plant…. It is much … MUCH harder to get a well established root out of a place that has been well watered.

Can it be done? YES!!!

Is it easy? NO!!!

Is it worth it? OH YEAH!!!!

I think the next time I want to plant a Yucca in my yard… I am going after the little one!
The one that hasn’t had a lot of time to grow… one that I can easily pluck up before the roots have gotten too deep ;~)


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