I love the smell of Roses….

To honor the Mothers in our church today for Mothers Day, each and every woman received a rose to take home. The many different colors in the “buckets” of water made a beautiful visual impact as each of us filed through and picked one that tickled our fancy the most. The fragrance during the service was an extra bonus to a fabulous Sermon and time spent with my Church Family.

Church over…. I headed to Carthage to go spend a little time with my mom. As I am driving I glance several times at the Rose…. picking it up… and breathing in the sweet aroma of the beautiful flower I lay it back in the passenger seat….BEAUTIFUL!!!! I left my rose in the car and went in the house to not only my mom who was happy to see me but 3 lap dogs that were EXTREMELY happy to see me…..! After lunch and some visiting time I made my way to my car to travel home and found my beautiful Rose…. in the front seat…. wilted …. from the heat of the car and the lack of water!

I picked it up and the flower toppled over on the stem….droopy and tired…weak…. and looking pretty sad. I took a whiff however and the aroma was still as beautiful as it was a few hours earlier, but ….for how long would it last? As soon as I got home I cut off the end of the stem to open up what could have been sealing off the head of my rose to receive any hope of revival and placed it in a bud vase with some water ……hoping……. that just maybe… It might “revive” with just a good drink of water….

As I went on with my afternoon, I didn’t think about my Rose until several hours later…. and do you know what?????

It was now standing straight…. tall…. and firm again!!! You would have never known that it had ever had a “head hanging down” time at all!!! WATER….. that is all it took! It was determined to not give up….. to live and not die!

I have been like that flower….

I have sat in church among many different colors and types of “Roses” …..soaking in a bucket of life-giving water…..Listening to the message…. Praising God during the Worship service….loving and being loved on by my church family …. standing straight and tall and beautiful … full of life and the sweet fragrance of The Holy Spirit all over me. Radiant and living… like God intended for me to be.

After leaving church… I am refreshed and strong…. and get in my car to go home and to go on with my week. As I go I can still feel the glow and sense the presence of the Holy Spirit on my life…. determined to keep this feeling all week until I can get back to church again on Sunday morning.

When I get home, however, and get out of my car…. I somehow leave my “Rose” in the front seat. I begin to get busy with “life”….

the things I have to do….the laundry…. the dishes… the cleaning… the cooking….paying bills

the things I want to do…. the movie on TV…..the computer….socializing

the things I need to do….. going to work… volunteering my time…

and when I finally take a look at the “Rose of my Walk with God” that I had left on the front seat of my car… I find that it is wilted…droopy…..tired… weak….defeated….! I gently pick it up… and breathe in the aroma ….. It is still there!   Hope…. is still there!   What can I do to revive it?   Water?   A drink ….of the Holy Spirit!

First… I need to cut off a part of that “stem” which has sealed itself off  .. and then “soak”….. soak up the life-giving water!   Before long….I am once again… Standing tall and strong… my head lifted high… not drooping down with defeat….ready to live…and not die…and ohhhh….. the aroma of God!  Powerful once again!

That water… that stream of life… we need it soooo desperately… we should never get away from it!   But…. if we do…stick yourself in the middle of a big bucket full of life-giving water….. and …… SOAK!!!!


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