I am not much of a cook.  I never enjoyed it at any point in my life… I did take Home Ec. in high school … and that was fun… simply because there were several of us in one kitchen fixing a meal or yummy dessert of some kind.  When I got married and had kids… well, I HAD to cook!   But believe me when I say that the word “cook” is used very lightly in referring to the food that ended up on our table…. If it didn’t have microwave directions… it rarely got fixed.
Now…. I DO know how to make some things…and I have got my 17 year old convinced that I am a pretty good “cook”…. I figure he either is not very picky…or…He loves his momma very much!

Some of the things that I do know about cooking are:

Just because you turn the knob “off” on an electric stove…. does not mean it is instantly “off”
Not everything is cooked on “high”
The window between “done” and “burnt” can be pretty close.
Apparently not everyone’s smoke detector goes off while “cooking”
and…… You need a pot holder to take a pan off of the burner or you WILL get burned!

Now that last thing on the list is probably pretty obvious to any of us who have at least made boiling water.  THAT is one thing that is etched into my mind, but, I do have to admit that once in a while I have tried to just “scoot” a pan over or adjust it on a burner only to have a searing pain remind me that was a very dumb thing to do!

When we do grab a hot pan off of the stove…. common sense should tell us to LET GO OFF THE PAN!

If we continue to hang on to the pan….. we will continue to get burned…. 1st degree…… 2nd degree…..3rd degree….The pan may start to cool off… but not fast enough to keep from doing some major damage to our hand.   In order for it to stop burning … we first have to let go of the pan.  The pain however is still there… it may even feel as though it is getting worse as the nerve receptors begin to transmit their discomfort to our brains.   We run to the water faucet and try to stop the burn by running cold water over it.   It feels better for a while…. as long as water is pouring over the source of pain…. but … shortly after…. the dull throb is still there.   Even hours or days later when you take a hot shower or stick your hands in a sink full of hot water, you will quickly remember the pain of the moment you were burned!   It takes several days to heal… sometimes if it was bad enough…. you may even have a scar to remind you of what happened years later…. even after the pain is long gone.  But it DOES heal….the skin and the nerves are renewed to a place that there are no lasting complications…. IF …. we have let go early enough and have not let it get to the 3rd or 4th degree stage.

I have ….in life… been burnt…
Friends… Family….Co-Workers…. Church Members….
Sometimes it was because I was careless and wasn’t paying attention to all of the Signs of a “bad situation” and grabbed the “pan” of trust bare handed.
Sometimes it was just trying to adjust a trust issue or rearrange the situation only to find out the “pan” was HOT!

The PAiN is scorching!   It burns deep…..1st degree…. 2nd degree…..3rd degree!!!!
The longer we hold on to the PAiN the deeper it goes.  We can not begin to stop the burning until we LET GO OFF THE PAiN!

The pain is still there even after we choose to let go of it…. it may even seem as though it is getting worse…. We try to relieve the PAiN with tears….it seems to help at the moment while the flood of cleansing water runs over our hearts…. but… shortly after they stop… the throbbing pain is still there…  Hours…… days…. months….. YEARS later…. the pain can still be felt when we are placed in a situation where the ” heat source” shows up….reminded us of the day we were burned…. healing does come however…… with every day that goes by..the layers of our hearts can be renewed and totally healed with no lasting complications…..

BUT…..If we choose to hang on to that PAiN….we run the risk of deeper burns… 3rd… and 4th degree burns!   Once there…. the scars are deep!  Time heals… but ….Forgiveness is the  balm we must apply that will take the sting out of the burn.
Don’t hang on to that pain…..Forgive… Give it to God….. and….



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