For six years I have worked in a Pharmacy.    I have taken Prescriptions over the phone as well as over the counter from individuals ranging from a simple antibiotic to a strong pain reliever.   I have seen people come in who have just had to get a refill on a monthly maintenance medication and the Patient who has just been given what seems to them to be a life sentence with a prescription for insulin because of  a diabetes report.    Some, have come directly from the Doctors office filling the Prescription in hand immediately because they trusted the Doctor and his wisdom and expertise.   Some… however …. carry it around until they feel they absolutely have no other choice but to comply with the diagnosis.

A prescription, can be for a cure…. an infection of some sort…. Or ….If not “curable” a Prescription can  help us live longer, or better, by supplementing our bodies with the chemical our body lacks.
But…. If we do not do our part and take it to a Pharmacy…. and get it filled….AND ..Take the medicine… it will do us absolutely no good.

We can blame the Doctor….
“He didn’t listen to me.. take the right tests… He calls himself a Doctor….I thought He would help me…. I have gone to him over and over and still …. I am not getting better”!!!

The Doctor did his part… He DID listen and he DID hear your symptoms… your hurts….  problems…owies….
He evaluated the situation and gave his diagnosis.   He prescribed the answer by giving you instructions on how to conquer the problem you came to him about.   Lifestyle change….. changing the way you eat…..and or a medication to speed the recovery.

If we truly want to get better…. we should follow the Doctors instructions and fill the Prescription.

When we have a spiritual problem…. we take it to God.   We tell Him or symptoms….. our hurts…. our owies…
He Listens….He Hears…. He Cares…. He evaluates… and then…. He Prescribes!

He gives us a plan…. He tells us we have to make some changes…lifestyle…. eating habits… do some things we may not want to do…. our Prescription!

He has done His part!

We now have a decision.   Fill and Follow the Prescription….. or leave it in a drawer and run the risk of the pain getting worse…..the situation getting bigger……us getting sicker… more depressed….

We do that more often than we like to admit.   The nudging God gives us to do … or to stop doing…. seems like such a silly thing… or hard thing that we shrug them off…. and then…

We begin to blame God…
He doesn’t care about me…  He didn’t listen to me… Why couldnt He fix this if He is God…I thought He would help me…. I have gone to him over and over and still …. I am not getting better!!!

We need to do our part!   Sometimes, it is a simple “antibiotic” to fix our situation.   Sometimes it is some radical changes…. but it is always for our good!

I think that maybe I need to go and look for that first step I was given…..and….



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