Oh…. the name…. Turrrnnnniiiipppppsssss…. doesn’t it just make you wrinkle your nose just saying it?   I mean….who would want to even TRY one with that name?    Surely those who have tried them and actually liked them were probably not even told their name until AFTER they had finished or nearly finished eating one…

Do you like Turnips?

Hominy…. another one that just sounds…. well… not appealing to my mind… not only to my mind, but also to look at it is something I just can’t seem to even want to place anywhere near my taste buds…
I can feel my brow raise and my nose wrinkle just thinking about it now….
My friend Lori however would say… but Teresa…. you have never tasted MY Hominy!….Well … maybe so … but that task is NOT on my bucket list…. and… will probably never be anywhere close to the top if ever it is even placed on that list.

Do you like Hominy?

How do we decide that we do or do not like certain foods?

These are just two, of many, that you or I could place on the top of our “I can’t stand” list.    Did we at one point in our lives actually try it (by the persistent “nudging” of a parent or grandparent)…..


Did we just smell or look at it on the table and make a decision there was absolutely no way we were going to put that on our plates and run the risk of never experiencing a new-found favorite…..


Maybe we even thought at one point we did like it and because a friend or just a person we respected made a comment about how “gross” it was… we chose not to like it too….?
Hmmmm…..makes you think….

I know there were things I have actually tried …. and hated…
Some… I have just smelled… or saw… and made a decision I was no way even going to give it a try….
But… I also believe as a child or a teen, I was influenced by someone elses opinion.
Changing my mind on something as simple as what food I should or shouldnt like today just seems to be one of the silliest things any one could possibly do…… and yet… it still happens to our young people I would venture to say nearly every day….

Not only food…but what kind of clothes we should or shouldn’t like…. shoes… cars…..music… how we should talk…. who we should be…..subjects in school…. teachers… friends….

What is sad … is as adults…. some of us still let others dictate these things in our lives…. oh… the packaging has changed some, and some things have been added and subtracted…. but… still the same issues.

Do we look at some and at least try to get to know them… see if they are someone we can be friends with… or learn from…and yes… maybe we find out that they are people we just prefer not to make a part of our lives….

Do we make a judgement the first time we see them…. We decide because we don’t like the way they “look”… or the way they “smell” that we just turn our noses up and walk away not even giving ourselves a chance to see the treasure that is hidden deep inside of them.

Have we actually liked someone and because of another persons opinion of them we chose to no longer have anything to do with them…?

I know that I have had people listen to things others have said about me.    Later,  after life has thrown us into the same circle for a period of time,  I have had some confess to me that I was nothing like they thought I was, or was told by others that I was.   Some of those have become close friends to this day!

I have to wonder while I write this… who are the Turnips and Hominy in my life….?    Who do I need to actually give a chance…?   Who have I decided I would have nothing to do with… and who… have I let someone else influence my decisions….

actually…. are not bad… really… by fixing them like a hashbrown .. have become one of my favorite vegetables…
go figure!

Hominy on the other hand….. well… lets just say that I have at least placed them on the bottom of my bucket list !


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