The Pied Piper

Do you remember that story?   The Town of Hamelin had a terrible problem with rats….they were everywhere and no matter how or what they tried they could not get rid of them.     A traveler came to town and made a deal with the towns people to get rid of the rats.   They agreed on a price and the traveler took his musical pipe and began to play an enchanting song which lured the rats to follow….. The rats were so entranced with the music they were hearing that they never realized they were being led to their death.   They drowned in the river…. All of them…. But ONE.

When the traveler went to the towns people to collect his reward…. They refused to pay him all that was agreed on because of the ONE rat still left.   This, of course , angered the traveler and he left vowing to get his revenge.
Later, when the towns people were in church, he returned with his musical pipe in hand and began to play.    This time, however, rats were not following the enchanting music, but the children of Hamelin!

Some say the children followed him into a cave never to be seen again…. Some say he returned them after they paid him what was due him.
What a story….!

I’m not quite sure what got me to thinking about that this morning except maybe of some things I have been seeing and hearing on the news and of course of Facebook.    Now, I know that some people think I have some pretty crazy beliefs…
but… I really have to wonder how some people can actually believe some of the things they believe!!!

Some believe that you can eat … whatever you want … and never have any health issues.
Drinking alcohol day after day year after year will never cause liver damage.
Smoking…. Will never lead to lung cancer.
Drugs….legal or not…. could not become so addictive resulting in overdose and or death.

Abortion is not murder and is a “right” the mother has because it is her body… her choice.
Freedom of speech gives us the freedom to degrade or demean someone else.
We can fully depend on the government to meet all our needs and never work again.
Politician’ are truthful when campaigning.

Dwelling on negative thoughts do not make us negative, angry or depressed.
Wishing things were different without doing something different makes it so.
White lies wont hurt anyone.
As long as I am happy I can do what I want.

All roads lead to Heaven.
As long as I am a good person I will be in Heaven.
There is no such thing as Heaven or Hell….
God is a crutch for weak people.
I don’t have to go to church.

…… and of course the lists go on … and on…. and…. On…..

Why do we believe what we believe?
“That’s the way my parents/grandparents have always believed…”
“I was taught that way since I was little.”
“I’m not sure why I believe that way… I just do.”
….or…. have we been entranced by the enchanting musical notes that tickled our ears with ideas that made us feel good about the world…. Life… or friends… family… and Us….that we shrug off any kind of common sense just to follow the sound of what very well could be leading us…… like the rats of Hamelin….. to our own demise?

I know that I don’t have it all right… that some of my ways of thinking would clash with many of yours… and for most of them… it is ok!     In the grand scheme of things… it really doesn’t matter!    God made us different that way…
I love the color Purple….
I Love Chocolate…
I Hate cooked spinach…
I Love Summer….
I Hate the cold…
Those things are preferences that each of us have that will never amount to any life changing decisions…..
The things we fight over… that we have sometimes very loud discussions…and deep convictions…
THOSE are the things we need to really stop….and think….

WHY do I believe this way…?
WHERE is it REALLY leading me?
WHO is it REALLY benefiting?
HOW will this affect me or others?

Be aware…. The music is playing… and the Piper will get his payment ….
One way or another..


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