What is Your Story?

Several years ago…. wow…. I guess it has been 16 years ago about this exact time of the year…My Dad passed away from a 2 year battle with Prostrate Cancer.
We found out about his diagnosis a week or two after I found out I was pregnant with my youngest son.   By the time we found out …. it had spread and was now in the bones.
The Doctors gave him 2 years at that time and informed him he was not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds.    Reality check…..If Colin was a 10 pound baby (thankfully he only weighed in at 8)…. that meant he could not even lift my new-born baby, his second Grandson!!

From that day forward, as many of you know, was a series of ups and downs…. good and bad days….happy days…. sad days….reflecting ….remembering….. wondering…. what if’s….wishing…….waiting…….laughing…… crying…….. Praying!!!!

As time drew near the end of his battle…. I remember one afternoon when we were having what seemed to be one of the lowest days so far ….. I found my self just staring out of the large Picture window at the many cars that were going here and there in front of my Parents house.

I began thinking about each car and wondering where they were going….
To work?   Were they late?   Were they going home after a long day at work?   Maybe a few friends just riding around with the radio blasting and their voices singing as loud as they could to their favorite songs?  Are they happy?   Are they sad?
…..and then I thought….

All of those cars that have and or would pass by this house have absolutely no idea what we are dealing with in side these 4 walls….   They go about their day…. focused on the journey ahead of them….. and we…. sit….waiting… wondering if this may be the last day we will ever get to see…. talk…. or love on my dad.

On the way home that night…. as I drove down the Highway scattered with houses…. I begin to wonder about each home.
What was going on behind those walls….?
Each house…. a different story.
Was someone welcoming home a new-born baby….. Joy bouncing off of every wall!
Newly Weds?   Excited about starting a new life together and making that house….. home!
Struggles….?  Financially … are they about to lose the home they have had for possibly decades.
Divorce…. Has the couple finally decided after many endless arguments and strife that tonight is the night they call it quits?
Or like my parents home…. are the people inside that house I just drove by in turmoil, waiting to say their last good-byes to someone they love dearly?

Each house I passed that night…New houses…..Old houses…. Trailer houses…..Big houses…. Small houses….Dark houses…..I found myself wondering…..and then Praying about the people inside.  Each house…. had a story…..chapters being written even as I drove by…. and yet…. chapters that I would never read.

My Dad passed away July 12th, 1996.   Almost 2 years from the time he was diagnosed.  Cancer is a horrible disease!  It stripped a strong hard-working  58-year-old man of his strength, dignity, pride, and several years of life with my mom, my brother, his grandchildren and me.  He did, however, receive Jesus into his heart as his savior before he passed away!

Since then, I have gone on with life…. coming and going to work….doing things I want to do…. things I don’t want to do… things I have to do…you know…..LIFE!
I forgot about those houses I passed that night so many years ago and got lost in my own little world.  The scenery has changed some….old houses torn down that were there… New houses built that were not there….remodeled houses…. neglected houses, each now with several chapters added to its own Book.

Some of those houses I have had the opportunity to read a few pages or even chapters in their Book….Good chapters….. as well as sad pages…..
Many others…. I still can only see the Cover ….making up the story as I go….or simply driving by ….not interested in opening the book because the cover doesn’t grab my attention.

We all have our own on going story….Page by page…. chapter by chapter…it’s an ever twisting plot.  I am aware once again that the Cover is just that…. and read by me or not… it is still
an important story worthy of respect.

You can’t judge a book by its cover!


One thought on “What is Your Story?

  1. Excellent post! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that thinks about things like that because most of the time I feel like there’s something wrong with me because I do. :/

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