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We Need Refreshed

I love the sun!   Not in an unhealthy, weird, worship it as God kind of thing….. I just love the sun!   The warmth it brings, since I am a freeze baby, makes me feel like getting up and moving instead of sitting with a blanket over me.   The Vitamin D it provides me, since apparently I have that condition that gets me down when we don’t have enough of it on those long….. long….. long winter days!   I love the way it feels on my face!   The way it opens my eyes in the mornings bidding me to get out of bed and start the day off!   How it is bright and although it can hurt my eyes… I love placing a pair of sunglasses on my eyes to dim it just a bit… only to look even more directly at it to feel its warmth.

I just love the sun!

This summer….. we have had a LOT of sunshine!!!    I am not quite sure how many days of 100 Degrees and above we have had so far this year but a few days ago it was 13 and the looks of the 10 day forecast looks like most, if not all of them will have 100 Degree Temperatures as well.   I did notice however that one day this week we do have a chance of rain!!!  Hope rises for everyone when we see those numbers go up from a 10% chance a few days ago to a 50% chance of precipitation !!!

Now as much as I like the sun…. I was reminded on my drive to work this morning that even that sun …. that life-giving sun…. that beautiful light of warmth in the sky…. that very same sun can become harsh and cruel if not tempered by a cooling rain now and then.

I work inside an air-conditioned office…. drive an air-conditioned car…. and have air condition on at my house.   I am not directly affected by the direct heat of the sun on a daily basis… on an hourly basis ….. like those who have to be outside during those peak temperature spikes…. whether it is a construction worker…. farmer….service men….utility worker…. or those who are firefighters…… policemen, or any other occupation that requires them to be outside in the elements.    My love of the sun… can still be fostered because I can enjoy it from the inside looking out… or for those brief moments I spend walking from building to vehicle.

Those outside…. however…. may not share my love for the sun.   They may begin to despise the sun.  They may even see it as their enemy…. something that is out to get them.  It seems to drain every bit of energy  they have right out of them.   They will do all they can to hide from its powerful rays that seem to penetrate through any, and every attempt to just cool off and escape from its glare.

Too many days in the 100 Degree temperatures without a few refreshing days of a cool summer rain, has made even those who love their work outside in the sun….begin to look at it as a cruel task master.

Then…. I thought about how many people see God as that same Hot…. relentless summer sun.   All they feel from Him is the scorching heat He gives.   They try to run from Him…. hide from Him and the penetrating rays of conviction He emits.   They see Him as that harsh task master that seems to want to drain every bit of energy from their beings….. making them bow down from the heat begging for relief.

Of course… that is how they feel… because… They have not experienced that God…. tempered…. with the cool refreshing flow of the Blood of Jesus!   Without the Blood of Jesus…. we would all be feeling the scorching effects of Gods wrath….but… since Jesus shed His blood… we now can look at God as not a threat… or a harsh task master… but as a loving father…. shining on us to give us comfort…. give us healing….give us light….direction…. to warm our hearts and our spirits.   We can enjoy ….not despise…. the heat He gives because of the refreshing blood His SON so willingly and freely poured out on us!



Wow…… is it hot!?!?!
We are defiantly in the midst of summer!  Things are looking and feeling pretty “crunchy” outside.  The grass is turning brown from being so dry and burn bans are in place in many towns around us.   My brother shot a picture of a burned out spot left from a 4th of July miss-hap in Chicago, so it is pretty wide-spread over several States.   Colorado has been fighting wild fires for several weeks now and others are popping up in other regions as well.  Lots of prayers are going up that contain the request of cooler weather as well rain.

But…. not just any rain will do when it gets this dry…..
We need a slow steady soaking kind of rain.
The ground…. when it gets so dry…. begins to crack and it gets so hard it is almost like concrete…and if the rain would come in a down pour…. that very precious moisture would just run off or puddle on the top of the ground and it would not be beneficial to the ground or the plants that have been crying out for relief.   Those plants, in their very dry and brittle state, may even get broken off from the pounding of the drops that fall.   Something that is intended to heal and save can be detrimental and or invaluable that way.

What is needed is a soft……slow…. steady…. shower that will last for several hours.  The ground will be more receiving if it has time to let each raindrop begin to soften the top part of the ground…. soaking…. drop by drop……layer by layer…. going deeper into the ground to nourish and restore what the heat and wind has taken from it.    Plants, begin to regain their strength as they soak up the life-giving moisture it has been lacking.  The longer it rains… the softer the soil…… the softer the soil….. the deeper the moisture goes…. the deeper the moisture goes… the longer it will take before more rain becomes desperately needed to survive.

Ideally….. we would need to have those kind of rain showers several times during the week to really see a lasting change and new growth appear from the dry parched ground.   If we were to go several weeks without any moisture …. it wouldn’t take long at all to be back in the same drought like condition we were once in or…. possibly….. worse!

I thought about new Christians… in this analogy.
A new Christian…. usually…. has been wondering around life…. kinda like a flower in the desert…. looking for moisture to quench the thirst they have deep inside.  They are pretty dry and many do not even realize it until they are so dry their hearts, minds, and spirits are as hard as concrete.  Nothing is growing… and what was growing is hanging on for dear life….trying to find some kind of moisture from anywhere it can.   Once they find the water source…. The WORD of GOD… they need to begin to soak in that gentle watering of the Word.  Little by little….. line upon line….. word upon word…. soaking… so that it softens the hard crusty topsoil of the heart…. when that gets soft and moist…. a little more watering makes the heart softer…. and more pliable so seeds that may have lain dormant… can now begin to grow…. and with the softness of the “soil”   the new seeds that are planted can now begin to take root.   Ideally…. we need to water that soil several times a week to guarantee lasting results.

The problem some of us older…..more knowledgeable…. mature….Christians have with the new Christians,  is that we begin to throw buckets of water on them all at once.   We are so excited to see them come to the Lord that we cant wait to tell them everything we know.  We forget that we learned all of this over several years and we nearly drown them.    Just like the ground that is so hard and cracked from a drought cannot receive that valuable life-giving substance of rain when it comes down in a down pour… their hearts…. can not receive much of the understanding of the Watering of the Word if we throw it on them by the bucketful!    Those tender shoots that have been hanging on, could be damaged with all of the information that is thrown at them at once…. confused and overwhelmed the are not able to process it all…. and not much of the Word….. absorbed.

We need to “Shower” them with the Word….a soft……slow…. steady…. shower  that will soften the hard soil first on the surface…..some… may be able to only handle a small “sprinkle” at first….but if watered on a regular basis…. it is guaranteed to seep deeper and deeper and deeper … until the life has been brought back in every way imaginable…. new growth will flourish….. soaking up that precious Word…… drop by drop by drop…….

SHHHHHHH…….. do you hear that?

It sounds like….