If I Had My Druthers……. ;~)

Years ago,  my 5-year-old son and I were moving into a new house around 30 miles away to a town my parents were living in.   Of course, like most things, the timing of the paper work from banks, real estate offices, closing offices and myself, all had different agendas.   It really wasn’t a major issue until it came down to the wire when school was going to start in just a few days and I didn’t have my house.
Questions began to fill my head….
Do I enroll Justin now?    Or… wait till we get there for sure?
Am I going to have to drive 30 miles every morning to school then turn around and go back the way I came to go to work?
Do we just stay with my Mom and Dad until we get moved in?
What if something falls through and I don’t get the house…….?

Well Praise God we closed the week before school started, but that meant I had to hurry and get things moved in like…. Pronto.
With the help of an old church bus my dad had converted to a camper several years ago… I had already packed several boxes of things and stored them in there weeks before.  Since it needed to be brought to Mom and Dads now, we might as well ……..kill two birds with one stone.

Once down there we made numerous trips back and forth between my new house and theirs, loading and unloading, box after box of …. stuff.     That evening,  I remember sitting in a chair taking a break from the day when my dad looked at me and said….“you look like you have been rode hard and put away wet”….What?

Over the years, I have heard several “old” or “odd” sayings come out of my dads mouth…. but that one,  I had not heard before.    Those sayings often dated him or pin pointed him to that geographical area he grew up in, down in good old Southwest Missouri.

Of course, now that I am older and much more “citified”, living in a little town that has a staggering population total of 800ish …..(not so sure they haven’t included the dogs and cats in that total)…… I am far above using that kind of slang…..  ;~)

It is truly “funny” how those old sayings…. those old ways…. can get ingrained into you and you have no idea when they are gonna slip out….
Sayings like:
I put it “over yonder”
I left it in the “back forty”
What are “Y’all” doing later?  (FYI: Spell check considered that a word !)
Well….“If I had my druthers”
Needless to say… I get some odd smiles out of people who don’t know me when these slip out now and again….. and if I catch that look….it reminds me that …. well….I’m different…and I had a different up  bringing…. and then ….I just smile remembering where I came from.    I remember the values I was taught. My roots.   My heritage.

I have talked to many people who…… “aint from around these parts”….. who have their own way of talking.
Some, put the emphasis on syllables that I never knew were in a word.
Others use $500 words scattered in their sentences that have me pulling up the dictionary app on my phone as soon as I get the chance to find out exactly what they have just said to me.
Some have heavy southern drawl while others from up north do that special thing they do with their “O’s” and their “R’s”.

We can determine a lot more from our conversations with someone if we really listen to what or how things are said.
Just by listening to someone, for a relatively short period of time,  we may be able to find out if they are shy….or if they are strong and confident.   We might be able to tell if they are a Democrat or a Republican if given the right subject matter.  We could find out if they are a KU Fan or a MU Fan……a career person or a stay at home Mom or Dad.

I wonder, sometimes, what people see and hear out of me in the few minutes of dialog I may have with them…. whether it be in the work place…. a High School ball game….Church…. or in the check out line at the local market….What can they determine from my words or my actions?

Do they assume that because I am in high heels most of the time and dressed up that I am a business woman?
Do I look ….. approachable?
Do the words that come out of my mouth say that I am from Missouri?  ……. From Southwest….. Missouri?
Do I seem to be a “nice” lady…….Polite?
Do My Words reflect my beliefs….?

Those little phrases that are ingrained in me…. my new heritage…. my roots….. those “old”…. and sometimes “odd” sayings I have heard my Father God say…. do they slip out while I am talking?    Those words should pin point the geographical location of my heart to anyone… who knew me or not.    Would they be able to walk away from me and say to themselves…. “There is something different about that lady…..I know she must be a Christian”.   Would I know…. where your heart was from….. by just a few short sentences in passing?

Maybe not….We are quick to judge and are quickly judged …not always taking into account of struggles or hurts someone may be facing at the time……but if given only a brief few minutes with someone who we may or may never see again….to leave an impression …..

I reckon …. I would like for every one of  Y’all ….next door…. or over yonder…. in the back forty ….even if you aint from around these parts…..to know without a shadow of a doubt….. that this little lady…. although her words may not be always cultured and refined…. they would always reflect the heritage of my Father God no matter where I am…..not matter my circumstances……my heart would give away its geographical location….

if I had my druthers !


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