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One Sunday after Church, I was sitting eating with my youngest son, thinking about how in just a few short minutes….the mad week of running and not getting one night at home…. would give me a break by being able to stay home…. and ….veg!!!

After getting home and settled in to my recliner…. I received a text from my oldest son that said….. James (my grandson) has a football game at 4:30 today!

Oh well…. I thought…why not!  Who needs a day off….?   Football games are just about over and I have only gotten to go to one of his so…
After a …shorter than my body was needing or wanting period of time in my recliner… I was in my car heading to a 9-10 year old football game !

It really was a pretty, pretty day to be outside!   My 3 year old Granddaughter was enjoying the outside as well, as she ran in the wide open spaces around the track so…. a lot of the ballgame I watched walking the sidelines.

I never understood the game in-depth… my knowledge of the game goes like this….
You have two teams….. (I couldn’t tell you how many are supposed to be on the field at one time though)
They start the game on the 50 yard line.
They run the ball…. throw the ball…. kick the ball.
A touch down is a score and it is worth 6 points.
A Field goal… 1 point… but a run gives you 2 points.
4 Quarters…
A halftime.
Two arms in the air from the Referee means….. SCORE!
If they throw a yellow flag… someone is in trouble….!

Now…. I see that little flag fly in lots of games… the reaction to those flags vary…..
Sometimes the player will walk off hoping that they wont call them for it….
Sometimes a player will throw their hands up admitting…..yep…it was me…
Sometimes either the player or the coach will storm the ref and argue at the top of their lungs…
….. and sometimes… the flag was thrown because one of the coaches stepped over a line by getting a little too mouthy.

Apparently…. that is what happened at the game Sunday.   I didn’t see the circumstance… didn’t see the flag thrown……but I watched the coach as he ran off of the field…. around the field… and after some strong words with the coordinator of the ballgames …. walked out of the stadium and continued to watch the last of the game on the out side of the fence.

I got to thinking about the situation….I wondered what he said… or what he had done to be bad enough to have gotten thrown out of a little kids ballgame.   How long had he been an agitation to the game, the kids playing the game, the fans….. the referee!     The thing I was really amazed at however,  was how a big man….and he was a big man…. could be made to actually leave the game….the Stadium…. by a man who was nearly half his size by simply throwing a little yellow handkerchief size piece of material on the ground, blowing his whistle and declaring he must leave the stadium!

He left….because of the authority the referee’s position gave him on the field.  The uniform…. the whistle….the Referee Association….. and that little yellow flag…. made a declaration to everyone in that stadium that he had that authority….and what ever he says…. goes… whether the coach or anybody else liked it or not!   It may have been ok to have questioned a call…. but… when it came down to how he questioned it or a matter of disrespect, the referee had the right to exercise his authority and do what he deemed necessary to keep order on and off of the field.   So with one swift movement…. the yellow flag came out of the pocket and into the air….. resting at the foot of the offender…. declaring enough is enough and off the field he went.

Too many times I have had those loud and obnoxious voices yelling at me from the sidelines in my life.   Those voices telling me that I am not worth anything.   Telling me I will never amount to anything, that I can’t do this or I should be doing that.    They yell Failure…. ugly…. loser…. sickness…..poverty…. loneliness…. depression.   Louder and louder they seem to get until it begins to interfere with my game of life on and off of the field.
Then I remember… I have been equipped!  I have been given a Whistle….. and….I have been given a little yellow flag.
I have been given Authority!

Luke 10:19 in the Amplified Bible says:   Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you.

Authority to call a penalty on those agitating voices that have come to distract my ability to reach my goal.  Authority to declare enough is enough.  Authority to eject those agitating voices out of the game…. out of the stadium… out of my life!

The Whistle ….. has been blown!
The Flag has been thrown!

It now lies at the feet of the offender…. and I use that authority given to me by Jesus to declare to the enemy and his lies…..

You’re outta here!