verb \ˈban\

: to forbid people from using (something) : to say that something cannot be used or done

: to forbid (someone) from doing or being part of something

Scrolling through my newsfeed on my Facebook page a few minutes ago, I came across a post of an article that stated…..

“Kids broken-hearted over school’s Valentine’s Day candy ban”

That one was kind of the last straw for me in this ridiculous, crazy world we are living in!!!

Through out the last few years… and really it hasn’t been that many …. we have become such a touchy…. “I dare you to knock this chip of my shoulder”…. lawsuit happy…. greedy…. selfish…”how dare you look at me that way”…my rights come before your rights…. society that we just have to laugh to keep from crying!!!

Other Crazy mixed up taboos are:

Teachers banned from giving students ‘zeros’ in some Florida schools

Hugging Banned at Connecticut Middle School

Toy Gun Gets Kid Banned From School For Two Years

Kids can not even be kids anymore….all because of something that happened somewhere at sometime… maybe only once…. and so now we make it a “law” so it will never happen again!

This is not even the beginning of what is being banned….
We have banned Jesus from our schools…
We have banned saying Merry CHRISTmas or calling our Tree a CHRISTmas tree…
We have banned any liquids over 2 ounces on Airplanes…
We have banned prayers in our schools….
We have banned songs….books…. videos..
We ban texting and driving…. (and I read somewhere where they have banned texting and WALKING!!
We ban smoking … and fireworks…certain words on TV…(and I am not talking about cuss words)

(… since writing this blog…. there are so many NEW Bans that are just as ….. WRONG…..)

The list ….like the Energizer Bunny….. goes on… and on…and on….and on….
I agree …. some …are very logical… some… are necessary…. but some…. well … come on…. they just are plain silly!!!

This reminds me of a stand up comedy routine that Bill Cosby did years ago… In this section he tells of his kids yelling at each other.   One keeps yelling… “will you stop touching me” … “will you stop touching me”… so he gets up to go check on what all the noise is …. He asks them what is going on and one says…. “she’s touching me”… so thinking he can solve the problem he turns and looks at the offender and says….”quit touching her”…. when she then promptly pops up and says…. “well she touched me first!”….. so now he says something brilliant and declares…. “alright… from now on….I don’t want anybody in this house to touch another person as long as you live!!!”   Sounds like an easy fix for everyone… doesn’t it ?   If no one touches anyone ….. ever… then everyone will be happy…. especially Dad…. because he will finally get the peace that he is so badly wanting….. But in reality… it doesn’t fix anything…. it just adds confusion and  an unrealistic way of life if truly enforced.
Lets think about this for a minute….besides the accidental “touching” that could happen… what about the occasional “need” to be touched?   What if you needed help up from a fall…. or a first aid emergency…. or of course a “good job” pat on the back or the comforting hug from a bad day….
What would we do about those?  Punish to the full extent?   Bend the rules?  Make a new law?

Most of the time when we jump in to fix something and don’t weigh out the many scenarios that can… and will crop up, we find ourselves in a much worse position than if we had just dealt with the situation at hand as an individual case and not enforce a law or rule for future offenders.  That is where it looks like we are now!    Like throwing a rock in the pond…. it doesn’t just affect the spot the rock lands on… but the ripples will touch everything around it.. and depending on how big the splash.. the wider the area that is affected!!!
Your rights are important…My rights are important… but somewhere along the road we have decided that someones rights are MORE important than someone else’s….and now… we are in a huge dilemma.  How are we going to make this right again?

I remember getting a picture to color as a child.   I would try my best to make it perfect.  When I found that I had gone out of the lines… or it was the wrong color… I would try to fix it by trying to undo what I did… or expanding the lines a little farther out.  Sometimes that worked and it was hardly noticeable…and even made it more interesting.   However… there were times that it seemed like it got worse and worse as I went a long and by changing … erasing… enhancing… and what ever else I could to to “fix” it…. it became very unrecognizable as anything remotely of its original intent.   So…. the only thing I could do at this point was to just wad it up… throw it in the trash…. and start all over.

Starting over may not be an option…. but we CAN start somewhere!!!

Jesus…. is our only hope….
DON’T Ban HIM from your life!!!

Revelation 21:4-5  Amplified Bible (AMP)

God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death shall be no more, neither shall there be anguish (sorrow and mourning) nor grief nor pain any more, for the old conditions and the former order of things have passed away.

And He Who is seated on the throne said, See! I make all things new.


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