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The Emperor’s New Clothes

the_emperors_new_clothes[1]Do you remember the Story?  If not… give me a minute to remind you !
There was an Emperor who was obsessed with new clothes.  He loved to show them off more than doing the normal Emperor things!

One day some swindlers who had heard about the Emperor’s love for new clothes came to him and told him they would make him the most exquisite set of clothes anyone has ever seen!    This fabric they would weave had a special quality in that it had a way of looking invisible to those who were not suited for the position they held or if they were a fool.  They made sure everyone in town knew about this special quality in their fabric.
The Emperor heard of this new and unusual fabric and thought that this would be perfect to find out who in his kingdom was fit for the position they held as well as sorting out the wise from the fools.  So he paid the swindlers a great deal of money to begin to work on his new clothes!

After several days of working on the looms, the Emperor would send some men in to check on the progress…. each would watch as the swindlers worked and cut the fabric…. but what they saw …. was….. nothing!!!   The swindlers would ask them how they liked the beautiful colors and patterns and not wanting to look as though they were not fit for their position …. or branded a fool…. they joined in and agreed on how beautiful the outfit was shaping up!

When the day came for the Emperor to receive the new clothes,  he watched as the swindlers showed him each piece…. the trousers…. the coat… and the mantel.  Like the others…. he couldn’t see a thing!!   But… not wanting to appear like he wasn’t fit to be Emperor he raved at the beauty and workmanship like all of the others.   The swindlers told the Emperor to take off his old clothes and then helped him on with his new clothes.    He then paraded through the streets with nothing on but his new invisible clothes.  No one would admit that he wasn’t wearing anything until………. one little child proclaimed…… but he doesn’t have anything on!!

How many of us said while reading the story …. “How crazy are all those people?   How could anybody go along with the lie?   And how Stupid was that Emperor to actually walk around with out any clothes on …. just because he was convinced that everyone else was telling the truth and he was the only one who was wrong!   I know I did.

I thought of this story the other day while  watching news reports, Facebook posts, and articles on the web.    Isn’t it odd ……. Like the swindlers in the story….how one or two people can come up with an idea and then convince the masses that if they do not believe or accept what they are trying to sell us…. WE  are a fool!
Things like:
Not joining in on the band wagon that is playing the Race card…. we will be considered a racist.
If we do not agree that same sex marriages should be  legalized we are narrow minded bigots.
If we do not want gun control we are self centered and do not care about all those innocent people who have died from those senseless mass shootings.
If we think that there are some words…. some actions… some dress codes that should not be on TV where little eyes can see at anytime of day or even during a age appropriate show, we are old fashion.
If we want to place a Nativity Scene in our yard, or pray in a public place in the Name of Jesus, we are offending those who do not believe the way we do.
If we choose to follow our Biblical beliefs and refuse to bow to the worlds view of things….. we are now labeled haters and are somehow considered to be on the same scale as a terrorist!

How did we get here…. how did things get so twisted?   What happened to Freedom of choice…. Freedom to express ourselves?   What happened to common sense?

Was it just one… or maybe two people who just had enough of a “swindler” attitude …. that they were convincing enough to start the path to where we are now?   Was it just pure selfishness and greed that makes people lie to others to make things go their way.   Or… maybe they are just a pawn and have been lied to themselves and truly believe what they are peddling ?!

I guess there is no use dwelling on the why’s and the how’s…. but we need to figure out what we need to do to open up eyes.   In the story …. it was a child who blew the cover off of the charade that was paraded right in front of him.   As a child….they haven’t been “taught” how to think….. and that they need to “fit in” and go against their own common sense or knowledge to do so!

ONE person… just ONE…. is sometimes all it takes to stop the nonsense…. !  Doesn’t seem like a lot…and in reality…. it’s not.   But if we all don’t get behind that ONE person…. it will just become a losing battle.   The pressure is heavy at times… and I am certain…. the pressure will get much, much heavier.

Are we up to it?  I pray that I can be that voice !   Or… are we going to pretend and try to convince ourselves, and those around us, that what is obviously absurd … is the most exquisite set of clothes we have ever seen…. just to keep from looking like a fool!