Lying Clouds

310589_409884105745957_1917822230_n[1]As I broke down some cardboard boxes to take out to the recycle bin a few minutes ago, I glanced out the window to see what the weather was doing to determine whether or not I would be taking them out now…… or later.   I really do not mind taking them out in the summer,  because it actually gives me a chance to warm up from the frost bite I tell myself I am getting from the air conditioning.    If it is raining…. however….I will stack them up and wait till a more pleasant time to take my little stroll to the corner of the building!

Today …. I noticed … the sun was shining bright …. however….there were clouds looming above.  These clouds… although I have no official name for those clouds…. reminded me of snow clouds.   Now … that is not a good thing for me!  It is only a few days into Fall and I am in no way wishing for winter like conditions so it definitely isn’t wishful thinking on my part….quite the opposite!

My immediate thought was that the wind that had been blowing hard must have blown in a cold front… and it must be really cold out there now.
So….I braced myself to get a slap in the face of cold air when I opened the door …. but… I was very pleasantly surprised with a nice, warm breeze instead!

Isn’t it funny what our eyes and minds tell us?    Sometimes very accurate….. and sometimes…. Not!
We sometimes base our opinions and decisions on what we have seen, heard and done in the past…. Those experiences have a spot in our minds that are brought back to the forefront when we try to analyze certain things.

When I saw the clouds… a sudden memory came back to me from a time I saw the way the sky looked right before a snow… maybe from a few years ago… or even when I was a child.
Until I actually stepped outside to see for myself….I might have been able to convince myself that it was super cold out and start watching for those falling flakes.

Many areas in our lives can be a victim of false assumptions as well.   We can look into a mirror and have instant thoughts of what we experienced a few years ago or maybe even as far back as a child.   The words of people who said hurtful things to us that have haunted the back of our minds will pop out when trying …. or not trying…. to analyze what we are looking at in the mirror.
Those words of …. You will always be___________  You’ll never____________  No one will ever __________________

We really can not do anything at first about those thoughts that cross our mind… they just come….
When they do come….. we can prove them wrong by opening that door and sticking our head out to test the temperature…..
and you know what you will find 99 out of 100 times?

It is a Lie…. a deception….
To keep you stuck inside…. and not getting to enjoy those things that are waiting for you on the other side of the door!

So…. take a look at that mirror…. what do you see….?
Now….. open the door….push past it….

I see…. those lying clouds …….. rolling away !!!!


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