Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Beauty:  The quality of being physically attractive.
:  the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind

Quality:  a characteristic or feature that someone or something has
:   something that can be noticed as a part of a person or thing

If I were to ask you to name something that you considered beautiful….. what would you say?
A sunset or a sunrise?
A Flower?
A Day?
A Painting?
An Engagement Ring?
Someones Eyes?

How about Snow?   Do you think Snow is beautiful?   Well everyone that knows me would know that I would argue that statement… It is pretty…. in pictures… from a distance… but I would
not say that it is beautiful!!  To me it is cold…. and dreary… and ….well … I would much rather look out at the sparkling water sitting on a beach somewhere under the beaming rays of the summer
sun!   THAT is beautiful to me!!!

So… with that being said… we could certainly come to the conclusion that the definition of Beauty…. is….. a matter of opinion!
What gives pleasure to my senses or mind…. may or may not give you pleasure to your senses or mind.

Here is another scenario:  Here are 3 pictures of 3 different kinds of hearts….. which one do you think is Beautiful?


Paytons heartdiamond_heart[1]









The third one …?
It does sparkle….. it does shine…. it is of course made up of one of the worlds most precious gems…. and could be worth a lot of money…. it is…. Beautiful!!!

The first one, however….is really pretty gross ….I doubt it would have been your first choice….. unless…… you or a loved one were in need of a new heart in order to survive and this was the one promised to you!!   Now…. it would be…. the most Beautiful thing in the world to you!

The Second one is Beautiful to me….. because it was colored by my 4 year old granddaughter…She took so much pride and joy coloring this when I asked her to do this for me!   Yes indeed…. it has more value to this Grandma than you can imagine…. Beautiful!!!

Beauty…. truly is … in the eyes of the beholder!
In other words… Beauty… is an individual opinion.

What forms … our opinions?
Growing up…. most of us were surrounded by people who on a daily basis would instill in us positive things…. we would hear over and over how smart… how talented… how good…. how nice … how cute and how beautiful we were!   For 5 years…. we were covered and smothered with those words of affirmation and we really didn’t have any trouble believing them…


Kindergarten….. We spent several weeks preparing…. new clothes… new crayons and scissors…. our pink eraser and those great big fat pencils…. and of course … the Big Chief tablet…(yes… for some of you… that is foreign and I suggest a quick Google search to get us all on the same page).   We arrange and re-arrange those new items in our cigar type school box on a daily if not hourly basis anticipating …. the big day!
The day finally arrives and we watch for that big yellow bus to pop into site… and after a kiss and a hug from mom …. we turn to climb up those three wide steps of the bus.  Once we turn the corner and glance down the huge aisle of seats and faces…. the scene from Forrest Gump plays loud in our ears.  We hear…whether audible… or in the faces of those in front of us…words like…”You can’t sit hear”…. “This seat’s taken”…. in other words…. we are not “good enough”…. “smart enough”.. ..”pretty enough” to even sit next to some people.
What took 5 years to build up in us…. has now been stripped from us… in 2.5 seconds!!

Of course… we all know that Kindergarten is just the beginning of a long line of ups and downs….good hair days… and bad hair days!  Opinions of others yell loudly in our ears!  Those opinions then ……can… become our opinions!
We have a daily battle ….. which voice… which opinion do we listen to?  The opinions of the few… the ones who don’t really know us… or the opinions of the ones who do!
Even if we never step foot out of our houses during the day…. we still battle those voices reminded us of our flaws through ads on TV, Magazines and radio.

Who’s opinion are we to be concerned about?  Which ones do we use as a measuring tool.
God said in Song of Solomon 4:7   You are altogether beautiful, my darling,  beautiful in every way.

Beautiful in EVERY Way!!!  Believe it!   Don’t listen to the lies that float through your mind..!  Listen to what God says… and you will more than likely realize… that is exactly what they are … LIES!

Take a moment and watch this video I found on Facebook awhile back…Let it expose the lies you are believing!



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