Drop it… or Do Something?

Once upon a time…. around 15 years ago … there was a lady who went to court for a divorce from her husband who had been having an affair with his sister-in-law for some time.   The woman who he was having the affair with, was a “respected” member of the church… played the organ and taught Sunday School… and would send cards to the hurting in the community for encouragement.   A long time resident of this small town she lived in, while the wife was an outsider by birth.   During the course of the divorce…. many stories were brought out… mainly by the “woman who made the wife look as though she was the whole problem in the marriage and that she needed some poor innocent person to blame her failing marriage on.    Many in the town and her church agreed that it could not be possible for the long time resident and “name” in town to be the guilty one…. they all agreed… she… the wife… had to have brought all this on herself.
She… the wife…. went on… believing God would justify her.   Even after the trial… and the “proof” laid out on the table… that she was indeed the one telling the truth… many… especially the Pastor of the church… refused to belief it was an affair with the “woman” …..

Until…. a man … urged by God…. went to the courthouse and listened to the entire tape…. which named the woman by name… confirming all along the wife was not lying.    Although… the woman was doing what Jesus did the best she could… not trying to avenge herself… God sent a man to do that for her!    He was a witness!    Jesus uttered not a word….He was guilty … judgement passed down by the courts… gavel fell…. case closed….He died and rose again…. and now we… as were the apostles … continue to be that witness for Him.     Testify the truth… Standing up for Him when those around us say He wasn’t who he was!

I have a friend….who now … can not… speak for himself.   Like the woman… he didn’t go all over town trying to convince everyone what a terrible person his wife was … but dropping little out cry’s for relief to a very few he trusted.    We… I… can be a witness for my friend… standing up for the helpless….not dropping it and sitting back and hope that this “just” world … and this “non-corrupt” court system will be totally unbiased in this.    I don’t want to run anyone else’s  name in the mud while pulling out his… but when exposed … then the repenting and re-positioning can take place….

Although true… now that my friend is in Heaven…..it doesn’t matter to him at this moment what people think… but what about those who were watching him… when he talked about God….if he stays the “guilty”one… will Satan have gained another would be believer…. If I had not been “justified”… would there be those who would listen to me or just roll their eyes at me when I speak or post of my God and my faith…?


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