One Tree In A Field


I learn so much while I am driving to work…. church… shopping…!
One day as I was driving down 43 I saw this tree… out in the field… standing… on its own.
It caught my eye… not because it was a beautiful tree… but because it just “stood out” in a practically empty field.
I have always wondered why farmers would leave just “one” tree out in the open like that.. still….seems odd to this “non farming” lady… so out of place. Lonely.
Then God said to me.
Look at the tree rows on the other side of the road…. what do you see?
I thought.. well, they are all lush and green and made a beautiful scene to look at as I drive by …. but then I realized not one of those trees “stood out” to me. They all blended so nicely into the others so you could barely see where one tree’s branches stopped and the other tree’s branches began. Nothing special…nothing really that would catch my eye.
He said…when it comes to things of this world… we should not be like the tree line I saw. Blending in with all of the other voices… all the other actions and ways of life. When we do … we lose our individuality…our voice….and no one will really be able to see what we stand for or believe. But…. We … as Christians…. need to be more like the lone tree…. Standing out from the middle of the world….no matter how awkward we may look.
It takes courage to do so. Out on our own we are more likely to take on all of the heat of the sun… all of the force of the mighty winds that may blow our direction. We may lose some of our branches and become a bit weather torn…. but… we will still stand…because we are rooted to our source in the ground.
He asked me … which one had caught my eye this morning…the line of trees … or the one by itself?
I said of course…. the one out standing by itself.
I also noticed several more as I continued my journey to work… and each one seemed to echo what God had said to me. They were very special … and unique…catching my eye as I drove by!
What about you? Which tree are you? One that is snuggled in tightly among a line of trees doing what the rest of the world is doing? Or… are you one of those trees that is standing proud and strong in the middle of the field… alone?
I want to be different from the world….I want to maybe catch the eye of a passer-by-er …that may just take notice of something a little different about me.

2 Corinthians 6:17   Therefore, come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them, says the Lord…..


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