A Flashlight And A Cow Path

4436064097_65f85da4a1_z[1]Now, I am no expert on the things on a farm….I wasn’t really raised on a farm like I’ve said before…. but I did have Grandparents that had milking cows, so…. I have brushed shoulders with the “farm” life in the past, mainly on weekends and a few weeks on summer vacations.
Something that was very fascinating to me were those cow paths.  What cow or cows started that path?   How did they remember…. from trip to trip… the exact same path to follow in order to trample down the grass and earth to make a definite pathway in the middle of the pasture.  How… could those huge cows make such a narrow little path…..?  There were paths Everywhere.  Paths…. leading to places the cows wanted or needed to go….. out to the barn…. to the pond…. to the shade trees…. to the meadow, like little freeways….in a pasture.

I can remember walking those cow paths with my Grandpa…. going to the barn to milk or looking for cows out in the pasture that may be hurt or calving.  The paths made it easier to walk through the high grass in the summer, as well as in the winter through the snow.   You really needed to watch your step, however while walking those paths.   One… because  the path was narrow…. and usually not in a straight line, making it harder to stay in it.  Many times they would wind back and forth which made the journey a little longer than cutting across at an angle.     Although a slower way to travel than cutting across the pasture, you could never be sure of what could be hiding in wait off of the path… a hole to fall into….. a branch to trip over … or maybe even a snake…. sleeping…who would not be happy about someone interrupting his slumber!!

And…Two…..you needed to watch  your step because…well… there were sometimes some little surprises scattered along the path …..sometimes dry….. and sometimes…. not … and those were the things you sure didn’t want to step “in.”
During the day you were able to see ahead of you where you were going.  You could see where the path was taking you and the curves and the “surprises” in front of you to allow you enough time to process the strategies and also to walk pretty fast.
In the dark….with a flashlight… would make the travel much slower, especially to someone who wasn’t as familiar with the path.  A flashlight beam is very low and narrow …you had to keep that narrow beam just feet in front of you as you walked in order to see where your next few steps would land.   You would never really be able to see more than a few steps in front of you at any given time.  You just had to trust the path you were taking, was going where you needed to go, no matter if it seemed like you would never get there.

There is a Scripture in the Bible that says in Psalms 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path

…. a “Lamp”… to my feet…. and a light…. to my path……

A flashlight…. for my steps…. and a light….. on my narrow…. winding…. cow path…

Life….is kinda like that cow path
Trusting the path God leads us down can be a hard thing to do when its dark and lonely and you are not sure exactly where the path He is taking you.   Oh…. we know where we want to go…..and we know where it will ultimately end….. but its the narrow and winding path He chose to use for us to get there that makes the journey seem hard.   The path, however..is the path He carved out for us.   He made a safe passage through the pasture of life… and if we stay on that path…. not venturing into the “high grass” …. we will avoid the holes of trouble we could fall into.   Our Faith wont be tripped up over obstacles….. and the snakes …. we will be able to avoid waking up.
Of Course there will be things….. surprises…. that will cross our path on the way…. but by watching each step… with His light…. we will be able to handle them much better.

Living in a instant gratification time…. I would much rather have that path…. and that flashlight… more like a freeway and a flood light!   I want to zip through life, running 70 miles and hour and plenty of light to see hundreds of feet in front of me and on both sides of me.

That just isn’t the way God’s perfect plan is for us… He wants us to Trust Him.   One step at a time.   To rely on Him to guide our path.   If we could see that far ahead of us…. how many of us would end up taking short cuts…. or assuming we knew the way…. and well… from my past track record… it usually makes the trip longer by missing an exit and having to turn around or something worse.

So…. that reminds me of another scripture….
Matthew 7:13 Enter through the narrow gate  (Path); for wide is the gate (Path) and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it.

14 But the gate (Path) is narrow (contracted by pressure) and the way is straitened and compressed that leads away to life, and few are those who find it.
So…. I guess we need to get that flashlight…(God’s Word)…. and continue on this Journey we are on… called life.
I do believe we may be close to reaching our destination. It just may be right around this next bend in the path.


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