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Plugged In…. But Not Turned On!

Most mornings I have the same routine….
The alarm goes off and my dogs know that I should get my tail out of bed because they are ready to go out and that the alarm means that is exactly what is supposed to be happening!
I shut the alarm off…. crawl out of bed…. switch on the Kureig as I head to the front door to let out some very excited dogs.
The Bathroom of course is my next stop and then I usually check email, business page and Facebook while I wait for the dogs to come back in.

After my shower I have a few minutes to read my Bible, or a few pages from a book, while having my cup of coffee before starting in on the hair and makeup routine.

This morning,  I had finished drying my hair and gotten my face on when I reached for my straight iron which is the last thing on my morning routine before jewelry and walking out the door.  I expected it to be hot and ready to go since I had plugged it in right after I unplugged my hair dryer… but… it was as cold as it was when I got it out of the drawer!

Although I had it plugged in…. I had forgotten that this straight iron has to be turned on with the switch each time.  I kinda rolled my eyes at myself as I said… It works better if you turn it on dingy!

I then thought about the fact that just because we are plugged in to …..
A Job
A Project
A Church
A Diet
A System….

That alone doesn’t give us instant or guaranteed success.   The power source is  available to plug into, which is the first step….. a very important step….. But…. if you refuse or forget to turn on the switch, and accept that flow of power…. insight….knowledge…. strength…wisdom…into your life… will do you absolutely no good and leave you cold….powerless… and in the dark.    We can SAY we are “plugged” into the “System”…we can look at the source and blame it for our lack of power…..but in order to get the results we desire…. we need not only to be plugged IN ….we need to be …..

Turned ON!