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A Lesson From “Oh”


I was thinking this morning about many things…. I often do while I am getting ready for the day….. and today… Easter…. was full of many new things that kept my mind going!
I was Praying for the service….Praying the Power that comes from the Blood of Jesus would be great today…. Praying for the Pastor to be bold in speaking truth to the people…. the ones
who are always there… and…. the ones who maybe are there for Easter or the Baptisms we had today…… (there were 7….. Praise God)
I prayed for my friends… friends who have really been going through major trials…. and family …. who just need to know and feel and see…. this loving God that is a major part in my life!

I then read a post on FB asking for prayers to get back to the US safely because…. being it was Easter…. the terrorist threats were high and tensions were up over the weekend.    Sad to think
a day we celebrate because of the Love of our Savior….could insight so much hate from others!    As I thought about and prayed against the attacks of the enemy…. praying their actions and
their plans would be thwarted….. I suddenly got a picture of the movie….. Home.

Have you seen it?
It is a cute little movie I was introduced to by my 6 year old Granddaughter.  A quick run down on the story line goes like this:
These alien…. “things”…. called boov’s…. were running from this “bad guy” they thought were after them to hurt them.   They found Earth and heard that the people of earth were simple and backwards…. and therefore they could simply uproot them and and relocate them all to Australia…. and take over the planet.
One of the Boov was called “Oh”…. and ended up with the only human who was left in her city!   They go on this adventure trying to find her mom… and him trying to escape from his many
mistakes…. and “Oh” becomes to realize what love and family means.   He had never been with a “mom” and had no concept of feelings.  He also… like the other Boov… had been told the humans on Earth were simple and backward… and they all believed what they were told because they had never been around them to find out for themselves anything different.

Now…. why is this movie in my head …. while praying for the enemies we have as Christians?
Many attacks have been on Christians.   As long as anyone can remember .. there has been ….. but especially the last few years we have seen an increase in numbers and in severity!
I believe they …… the members of ISIS…. or who ever is so against Christians that they hate us…. have been lead to believe we are ….. simple and backward….. or maybe….. radical and dangerous to their cause….. or even…. worthless or wicked.   What ever they have been told… someone … a trusted leader…. has declared it so…. and many…. have believed it…. even though many have not spent time with a true follower of Jesus to see what it is that makes them hate us so much.

Tip…. in the movie…. showed “Oh”…. what love was all about…. she searched for her mom and through conversations…. action…. and time…. “Oh” seen what was “untrue” of the way he had been taught.   When he figured it out…. he stood up to his leader and confronted him with truth.

I believe God is saying….although there are some who have a real hate towards Christians and may never change their minds about their beliefs….. there are many…. “enemies of God”…. haters of Christians…. who have been told untruths about us.   Some… may have been in the group of immigrants who came over a few months back to live among us in the US.   Maybe…. just maybe…. by watching us…. talking to us…..listening to us….. may see the lies that were said about us and come to realize the truth… and then the Truth…. will set THEM free as well!!

Genesis 50:20   As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring about that many people should be kept alive, as they are this day.