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All Things Work Together for Good….!!


All things work together for good…..

We have heard it time and time again…. so many times in fact that we might have lost its real value.   I see and hear people almost use it so much it just becomes a cliche’ …. or a feel good mechanism…Not that Scripture is a crutch like some claim…. but the Power… that is attached to such Scripture becomes watered down.

I …. am guilty of that as well….. until… Last night!!

As some of you might know… My Mom just passed away the 13th of December from a Heart Attack.  I knew in my heart that this would probably be our last CHRISTmas with her…. but …. I never thought of her leaving us BEFORE CHRISTmas Day.   She loved CHRISTmas and always wanted it to be special for as many friends and family we had left.
Needless to say…. THIS CHRISTmas was very different without her.

Last night…. I ran to the AT&T store … planning to deactivate her phone I had on my plan and also looking into an upgrade on my phone.
When I got there they told me they couldn’t do it there, but I just needed to call 611 and it would only take a few minutes.    After SEVERAL minutes talking to the sales people (kind of like a car salesman)  I finally wheeled and dealed myself into a new phone… and hopefully a better plan that wont break the bank….. Guess we will find out for certain when I get the phone bill.

I left with many mixed emotions.    Finality of another piece of my heart that connected my Mom and me…. even through a phone….was now disconnected.   Was excited on the other hand about the new phone I got…. but anxious …wondering if I did the right thing or not!    Kevin…. my salesman… reminded me on the way out the door to call 611 to deactivate my Moms phone so as I pulled into the parking lot of Neighborhood Market to get a few groceries before heading home…. I connected to…. Charlotte!

Charlotte…. the rep on the line with me from AT&T…. was very pleasant when she answered the phone with the usual “how can I assist you today”?
I told her my Mom had passed away about 2 weeks ago and that I needed to deactivate her phone from my account.  Of course she extended her deepest sympathies with the usual… “I can take care of that for you Ma’am” and proceeded to ask for all the verification information to make sure I was who I said I was.

When all was said and done…. with the assurance there was no disconnecting fees and it would be taken care of today…. she once again offered her condolences on the loss of my Mom…. when I said…. I really knew this was probably our last CHRISTmas with her…. but thought we we have her at least for this one…. and then…. I said… but I know where she is now and I WILL see her again.|

That is when she said… she had had many losses this year herself and she wished she could have that sureness of things going to be ok.    I then began witnessing to her…. over the phone!   Although the exact conversation is all jumbled in my head at this time…. mainly because I was in total Awe of what was taking place in the parking lot of the grocery store….It went something like….

Oh girl….. I dont know how anyone could make it with out My Jesus.    He is who has given me hope through this and so many other trials in my life.   By knowing Him…. and receiving Him as your Savior… you are guaranteed a life in Heaven.

She said…. she has never delved into that kind of thing before…. she said… well… I guess I believe what you are saying but it is foreign to me….religion and things.

I told her it wasnt a “religion” but a relationship with Jesus.    I asked her her name… and she told me it was Charlotte…. I said Charlotte… I want you to do me a favor…. tonight… when you are driving home… and your car is quiet…. I want you to remember this conversation…. with a Lady named Teresa.    I want you to talk to God.   Tell Him… you want to know if what this lady on the phone is real.   If YOU are real!    And if so…. show me.   Then.. I told her to watch over the next few weeks as God reveals Himself to her!!…. because …. HE WILL!!

I told her I wanted to hear how it came out… but she wasnt allowed to keep any information from phone calls and I told her to try to find me on Facebook.   But I told her… no matter if I ever hear how God showed her how much He loves her or not…. I will believe that someday…. I will see her face in Heaven.

She thanked me for my kindness and a renewed hope in her heart as we said our goodbyes and her…. “if I can assist you with anything else….” pleasantries.  I told her I would be praying for her… and I have…. several times since we hung up!

How awesome was that!!!   My trip through the Neighborhood Market was a blur.   I was flying about 5 feet off the ground… thanking God for allowing me to be His vessel for a soul who had been hurting and needed to hear about a God who loved her… a Jesus who died for her… and a Heavenly home to gain!

ALL things DO work together for good…..!!!

Romans 8:28 (AMP)

And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.