God’s Provision


Many times when we have our focus on God’s provision …. we tend to look at the BIG things…. when God provides for us everyday!   Big things… AND little things
that seem insignificant to most people ….but will leave a very big mark on your heart to know that you know that you know…. God cares!!!


Do You Trust Me?

Lessons come from all directions…. and sometimes from out of the blue!
I have watched the Disney movie Aladdin several times over.   However…. it has been quite sometime since I saw it last.
Tucked away in my mind…. but brought forth by Holy Spirit….in a time I was in need of some comfort ….was the scene with Aladdin …. sitting on the magic carpet…. extending his
hand to Jasmine…. with the words…. Do You Trust Me?

I know that was what God was asking me …. personally….. for the days …. weeks… months to come.

What else can you do when He speaks to you and you KNOW it was Him?
Take a deep breath…. let it out…. and receive the peace that follows… knowing … HE has your back!

Proverbs 3:5-6 Amp
Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.   In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge
Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.

Life Lesson in Pasta


Pasta…. left alone will conform itself to its surroundings.
Our Minds… Left idle…. will conform itself to its surroundings…

We need to continue to renew our minds with the Oil of the Word… To make sure we are broken away from conformity.

Romans 12:2
Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].


One Sunday after Church, I was sitting eating with my youngest son, thinking about how in just a few short minutes….the mad week of running and not getting one night at home…. would give me a break by being able to stay home…. and ….veg!!!

After getting home and settled in to my recliner…. I received a text from my oldest son that said….. James (my grandson) has a football game at 4:30 today!

Oh well…. I thought…why not!  Who needs a day off….?   Football games are just about over and I have only gotten to go to one of his so…
After a …shorter than my body was needing or wanting period of time in my recliner… I was in my car heading to a 9-10 year old football game !

It really was a pretty, pretty day to be outside!   My 3 year old Granddaughter was enjoying the outside as well, as she ran in the wide open spaces around the track so…. a lot of the ballgame I watched walking the sidelines.

I never understood the game in-depth… my knowledge of the game goes like this….
You have two teams….. (I couldn’t tell you how many are supposed to be on the field at one time though)
They start the game on the 50 yard line.
They run the ball…. throw the ball…. kick the ball.
A touch down is a score and it is worth 6 points.
A Field goal… 1 point… but a run gives you 2 points.
4 Quarters…
A halftime.
Two arms in the air from the Referee means….. SCORE!
If they throw a yellow flag… someone is in trouble….!

Now…. I see that little flag fly in lots of games… the reaction to those flags vary…..
Sometimes the player will walk off hoping that they wont call them for it….
Sometimes a player will throw their hands up admitting…..yep…it was me…
Sometimes either the player or the coach will storm the ref and argue at the top of their lungs…
….. and sometimes… the flag was thrown because one of the coaches stepped over a line by getting a little too mouthy.

Apparently…. that is what happened at the game Sunday.   I didn’t see the circumstance… didn’t see the flag thrown……but I watched the coach as he ran off of the field…. around the field… and after some strong words with the coordinator of the ballgames …. walked out of the stadium and continued to watch the last of the game on the out side of the fence.

I got to thinking about the situation….I wondered what he said… or what he had done to be bad enough to have gotten thrown out of a little kids ballgame.   How long had he been an agitation to the game, the kids playing the game, the fans….. the referee!     The thing I was really amazed at however,  was how a big man….and he was a big man…. could be made to actually leave the game….the Stadium…. by a man who was nearly half his size by simply throwing a little yellow handkerchief size piece of material on the ground, blowing his whistle and declaring he must leave the stadium!

He left….because of the authority the referee’s position gave him on the field.  The uniform…. the whistle….the Referee Association….. and that little yellow flag…. made a declaration to everyone in that stadium that he had that authority….and what ever he says…. goes… whether the coach or anybody else liked it or not!   It may have been ok to have questioned a call…. but… when it came down to how he questioned it or a matter of disrespect, the referee had the right to exercise his authority and do what he deemed necessary to keep order on and off of the field.   So with one swift movement…. the yellow flag came out of the pocket and into the air….. resting at the foot of the offender…. declaring enough is enough and off the field he went.

Too many times I have had those loud and obnoxious voices yelling at me from the sidelines in my life.   Those voices telling me that I am not worth anything.   Telling me I will never amount to anything, that I can’t do this or I should be doing that.    They yell Failure…. ugly…. loser…. sickness…..poverty…. loneliness…. depression.   Louder and louder they seem to get until it begins to interfere with my game of life on and off of the field.
Then I remember… I have been equipped!  I have been given a Whistle….. and….I have been given a little yellow flag.
I have been given Authority!

Luke 10:19 in the Amplified Bible says:   Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you.

Authority to call a penalty on those agitating voices that have come to distract my ability to reach my goal.  Authority to declare enough is enough.  Authority to eject those agitating voices out of the game…. out of the stadium… out of my life!

The Whistle ….. has been blown!
The Flag has been thrown!

It now lies at the feet of the offender…. and I use that authority given to me by Jesus to declare to the enemy and his lies…..

You’re outta here!

Inconveniences or Interventions?

Basketball is now in full swing now that school is back from the Christmas break and with it being the last year I will have a High School student playing I hate to miss any of them.   I also know that those bleachers seem to get a bit more uncomfortable by each passing year I sit on them, so….. after getting to the gym too early and having to sit through 1 or 2 extra games before my son plays the last one…. I decided the other day that I would have plenty of time to drive out to the other end of town to a herb shop and still make it to the game in plenty of time.

Although Joplin MO is not a huge city… 5:00 traffic can start to get congested and it took me about 20 minutes to get to my destination and after finding what I came for I decided I sure didn’t want to try Main Street or Rangeline to go home so found the back road and cut through town.  I had not been down that part of town for quite a while and parts were still pretty barren from the Tornado that went through almost 2 years ago and it seemed to be hard to get my barrings on where exactly I was…( oh… sounds good to have something else to blame it on other than my lousy sense of direction … doesn’t it ?)

Finally…. 7th Street… I know where I am!
I turn onto 7th and begin to think that I should stop in somewhere and get something to eat so I wont be so hungry after the game and therefore blow the diet I began a week before.  There is a Sonic right outside of town that I usually stop at but notice the one on 7th that has a drive through… for some reason that drive through intrigued me even though I always hate that people use it when ordering more than a drink… but I had a brain freeze I guess and so I turned around and made my way to the Menu and speaker to place my order.

As I mentioned… I am on my diet plan and therefore Carbs are off-limits.  So I order my 44 ounce drink and a #1  Hamburger… no bun… and no cheese.   The Sonic at Stones Corner are used to my strange order but this Sonic seemed to be thrown off by my order and she asked me several times to repeat the order… Questions like….No bun?  ……. No Cheese?…… Do you want the vegetables?  …… would you like Mustard, Ketchup or Mayo?… ok your order comes to 5.39 please drive forward.

I drive forward and sit behind the car in front of me and begin to calculate my timing on how I am running to get to the game on time.  Although I knew I had plenty of time, I begin to think of the possibility that the game before Colin’s game ran way early, and I may miss the tip-off began to creep into my mind, but I reassured myself that there was no way that was going to happen and pulled up to the window to retrieve my order.

The little lady opened up the window and  asked me…. “Now… what did you order?”  I said…. “I had the naked hamburger” so I didn’t have to go through the whole order again,  figuring she should be able to recognize it on the screen.   She shut the window so she could look for the order then after a few moments opened the window and said…. “we have lost your order…. it just disappeared off of our screen….. that has never happened before!”   She then informed me that she would have to take my order again and re-ring it up….
so…… once again…I told her that I would like a #1 hamburger…. no bun….no cheese….yes I wanted the vegetables…. and Mustard….!
“Did you have a drink with that?”    “Yes…. a 44oz Coke Zero with Cherry and Vanilla.”

She closes her window and I hear her holler back to the kitchen my order and after several minutes….. holding up the drive through….. I get my order and proceed on my way.  Well… that was weird I thought.   Good thing I had settled in my mind that I would still have plenty of time to get to the gym to see the tip-off or I might have really been upset.

After about and extra 5 minute delay I maneuver through the after work traffic…. I remember looking at my clock on the car as I passed the place I work and notice that it is 10 till six and Heidi is still with our last patient of the day…..
Wow…. Julie must have been running late tonight…..I thought….
Finally…. I make it out of town and on my way for the 30 minute drive to the game.

About 5 miles out of town I came up to the new Round-about they put in around October at the intersection of 43 and 96 in hopes to cut down on the many traffic accidents that have happened there over the years.   As I manipulate through it, I noticed a car that was sitting inside one of the curbings…..I also notice a lady sitting inside the little red car….. people standing behind it….. the front of the car smashed in…. steam from the fluids still spewing from the front of the car….. a vehicle on the East and also one on the West of the road… and no emergency vehicles have arrived yet….
Should I stop?
Should I call 911?
Will I be in the way?
I decided they had enough help and that I should go on.

My mind began to run a course of events and thoughts…
“So much for a safer intersection”….
“Oh My Gosh….That wreck must have JUST happened …. surely it had been no longer than about 5 minutes ago because there was not even a first responder there…. steam still coming off the engine…good thing it isn’t real cold tonight…. I should text my friend Heidi who would pass through here very shortly that she should take a detour, because the emergency vehicles would no doubt have that intersection blocked by the time she gets there.

I was well past the intersection when it dawned on me….
When have you ever heard of an order….. vanishing off of a screen at a fast food restaurant?  Why did that happen?  Why tonight…?   That little order miss-hap set me back …. what?….. about 5 minutes?
What if I had not been detained?
I would have been IN the round-about at the time that accident happened!

I checked the accident report the next day….
The wreck happened at 5:50!!!!


He Truly watches over us!
The next day God gave me this Scripture….

You who love the Lord , hate evil!
He protects the lives of his godly people and rescues them from the power of the wicked.   Psalm 97:10 NLT

We have always been told that our God has a plan and purpose for each and everyone of us.
It is always a great thing to actually get to see the hand of God move in and on our lives!!!

Thank you Lord for Inconveniencing me!


Sometimes…….well actually, more times than I could probably count on both, my hands and feet, as well as yours….I have been talking to someone about something very casual and seemingly unimportant … or… ministering to them about a very real struggle in their life…… when out of my mouth comes the exact words that Ineeded to hear concerning something I was going through at that exact time!
God is pretty sneaky that way!
I have often wondered if it was as noticeable on my face, as it was in my spirit, when that revelation happened.   It is like a great big **** DUH**** slaps me across the head as those words  flow effortlessly in what seems like  slow motion  across my lips!

This Morning was one of those times.   I was sitting at my computer checking email on one screen and scrolling through Facebook on another, when up pops a Personal Message box.  The message said:

Morning to ya, I sure do wish you would let it rain already, lol. Man it is a test of all farmers right now. I wonder what the Lord has in store???? I know He is up to something BIG!”

So….. I began to write a reply….. I typed:
I have put my order in ….. just have to wait… like a fine restaurant vs fast food…. takes longer… but it is soooo much more satisfying


Ok God…. I hear You loud and clear!  Even though I wasn’t looking to be ….or….expecting to hear anything Spiritual out of that very general statement concerning rain…..I sure got the message loud and clear.
I typed in slow motion…..
I have put my order in“……. (nope… you’re not done…. when you place an order…. what do you usually have to do?       WAIT)
“just have to wait“………(there is more…. don’t send it….How do you like to wait?   I don’t…..even in the drive through I don’t like to wait very long….. but…..)
like a fine restaurant vs fast food“…….(Yes? ……oh no….. here it comes….. the “****DUH**** moment!)
takes longer… but it is soooo much more satisfying“………(now….. you can send it!)

Yep….. there it is…. in black and white…. written….. not spoken… so I can reread it as many times as needed in order to let it truly soak in.   Since they are “my” words…. I cannot read anything in between the lines… or say it was a misprint…. or reason it away like I could if it was said by anyone else…. nope…. Crystal Clear and ringing Loud and Clear in my inner ears are the words I need to be reminded of!

like a fine restaurant vs fast food…. takes longer… but it is soooo much more satisfying

Sometimes….. a fast food hamburger is all I need.  Time restraints…. like a lunch break for work during the week….. gives me  instant satisfaction and fills the need I have at the moment.

But…..Going into a nice restaurant…. One that has real tablecloths on the table……One that has ambiance……you will find that you are going to have to:

“WAIT” to be seated ….
“WAIT” to get a waitress…
“WAIT” to order…..
“WAIT” to get your food…..
“WAIT” to get the check……and
“WAIT” to pay the check…..

Why do we think it is ok to “WAIT” at a fine restaurant and not in the drive through line at McDonalds????
I think it is that we have placed a higher standard and expectation on the dine-in restaurant.    We know that we are  going to pay a higher price for the quality of the food and the service so we are more than happy to sacrifice that time, as well as the money, on those occasional splurges we have to treat our friends, family or ourselves.
We also find that our “Waiting” is hardly found to be an inconvenience.   Conversations move from subject to subject as we fill the spaces between the time we arrive till the time we leave.
Relationships are deepened……  Families grow stronger…….  Stress is relinquished…… We actually leave the restaurant with not only our basic need of daily nourishment being taken care of…… but, we received much more satisfaction than when we first walked in,  or if we had just grabbed a hamburger and fries through the drive through……. all because we had to “WAIT”!!

When we pray for things we either need…. or want…. what kind of answer do we want?
Some…. honestly, will not take much time…. like a drive through window we will find the answer pretty quick, and it will meet the need we have at the time.  Quick and to the point.
Others…. however…. are more intense…time worthy…..
We find that we have to “WAIT”…….. and “WAIT”……….and “WAIT”………!
While I “WAIT” however…. that time spent is not wasted!
My Relationship with God ……. deepens!
My Faith grows…… Stronger
My ways….. relinquished.

When the answer does come….. I will find that it will leave me more satisfied than if I would have gotten it before its time.
James 1:4(amp) says……But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be people perfectly and fully developed with no defects, lacking in nothing!!!!

That is what God spoke to me this morning in the middle of my Personal Message about rain!

Yes Lord….. I am willing to “WAIT” for the Best of the Best …. the Real Tablecloths……the perfect answer to my prayer that you have planed for me!







We Need Refreshed

I love the sun!   Not in an unhealthy, weird, worship it as God kind of thing….. I just love the sun!   The warmth it brings, since I am a freeze baby, makes me feel like getting up and moving instead of sitting with a blanket over me.   The Vitamin D it provides me, since apparently I have that condition that gets me down when we don’t have enough of it on those long….. long….. long winter days!   I love the way it feels on my face!   The way it opens my eyes in the mornings bidding me to get out of bed and start the day off!   How it is bright and although it can hurt my eyes… I love placing a pair of sunglasses on my eyes to dim it just a bit… only to look even more directly at it to feel its warmth.

I just love the sun!

This summer….. we have had a LOT of sunshine!!!    I am not quite sure how many days of 100 Degrees and above we have had so far this year but a few days ago it was 13 and the looks of the 10 day forecast looks like most, if not all of them will have 100 Degree Temperatures as well.   I did notice however that one day this week we do have a chance of rain!!!  Hope rises for everyone when we see those numbers go up from a 10% chance a few days ago to a 50% chance of precipitation !!!

Now as much as I like the sun…. I was reminded on my drive to work this morning that even that sun …. that life-giving sun…. that beautiful light of warmth in the sky…. that very same sun can become harsh and cruel if not tempered by a cooling rain now and then.

I work inside an air-conditioned office…. drive an air-conditioned car…. and have air condition on at my house.   I am not directly affected by the direct heat of the sun on a daily basis… on an hourly basis ….. like those who have to be outside during those peak temperature spikes…. whether it is a construction worker…. farmer….service men….utility worker…. or those who are firefighters…… policemen, or any other occupation that requires them to be outside in the elements.    My love of the sun… can still be fostered because I can enjoy it from the inside looking out… or for those brief moments I spend walking from building to vehicle.

Those outside…. however…. may not share my love for the sun.   They may begin to despise the sun.  They may even see it as their enemy…. something that is out to get them.  It seems to drain every bit of energy  they have right out of them.   They will do all they can to hide from its powerful rays that seem to penetrate through any, and every attempt to just cool off and escape from its glare.

Too many days in the 100 Degree temperatures without a few refreshing days of a cool summer rain, has made even those who love their work outside in the sun….begin to look at it as a cruel task master.

Then…. I thought about how many people see God as that same Hot…. relentless summer sun.   All they feel from Him is the scorching heat He gives.   They try to run from Him…. hide from Him and the penetrating rays of conviction He emits.   They see Him as that harsh task master that seems to want to drain every bit of energy from their beings….. making them bow down from the heat begging for relief.

Of course… that is how they feel… because… They have not experienced that God…. tempered…. with the cool refreshing flow of the Blood of Jesus!   Without the Blood of Jesus…. we would all be feeling the scorching effects of Gods wrath….but… since Jesus shed His blood… we now can look at God as not a threat… or a harsh task master… but as a loving father…. shining on us to give us comfort…. give us healing….give us light….direction…. to warm our hearts and our spirits.   We can enjoy ….not despise…. the heat He gives because of the refreshing blood His SON so willingly and freely poured out on us!