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I’ll Choose Purple Every Time!

Lowes-Paint-Color[1]Are you prejudice?

Kind of an odd way to start out I know…. but it is a fair question considering what all is going on in our little world today.

Prejudice definition:  preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Blacks… Whites….
Gays…. Straight…..
Christians….. Muslims….
Democrat….. Republican….
Death….. Life…..
Broncos….. Chiefs…..
In….. out…..
Right….. Left…..
Up….. Down…..
Pink…… Purple…..

….. and that is just the tip of the iceberg of things we have “preconceived opinions” about.

I remember when my boys were babies and I would take them different places…. or even just show their latest pictures.   Depending on the group I was around… almost always determined the outcome of the conversation of which parent they looked like.    If the majority of friends or family had known their father the longest…. they “look just like his daddy”   ….. but…. on the other hand…. if they were mostly my family or friends I had known the longest…. well what do you know….. they thought they “look just like their mommy!”

Now HOW can one baby….. the exact same baby…. look just like their daddy and just like their mommy!?!?!?

Well…. lets blame it on that preconceived opinion thing!   The truth is, when we get right down to the bottom line of it…. each person was biased…. prejudiced…. so to speak in their opinion.   Their opinion wasn’t based on careful observation…. but in reality it had been swayed by their desire to tip the scale toward the one they were most loyal to….. or… the one that would also boost favor toward themselves.    I mean who wouldn’t want to brag to everyone that this beautiful baby boy got most …. if not all their good looks from “my” side of the family….. or “my” best friend?”

Some …. however did try to look past the preconceived opinions…. and really try to discern the features on actual “facts”.   Most times they would end up saying something to the effect of….. “well…. his hair color is the same as….. and I think he has your….. but he definitely has his dads…….    Truth was… they were a perfect mish-mash of both …. mommy and daddy…. making them then…. unique and special.

When it comes to choosing a color….. My favorite has always been purple for as long as I can remember!   I’m not sure what it is about purple that I like… other than it just gives me that happy feeling when I see it.  It brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart….and well….. it just makes me go…… awwwwweeeeeee….. !!   So…. with that said…. if there is ever a color option for me to choose… pretty much anytime my pick will lean to the various shades of purple if at all possible!   You could say … I am prejudice in my choice of color because I have had preconceived opinions that are already formed because of my personal feelings.

Deeper issues…. such as Political…. Race…… Religion…..can and have … been the basis of conflict which has caused division and discord among family, friends, colleagues…. and even nations!

How did we form some of these “preconceived opinions?”    Many were formed in us simply by being born into certain family’s.  For generations some ideals were accepted somewhere in our family tree and passed on to generation to generation and have formed some mighty deep and sturdy roots.   Most things passed down to us from our ancestors are totally irrelevant and harmless….. some however…. can be quite the contrary … making us indeed….. narrow minded… bigoted…. and yes…. Prejudiced .   Trying to remove those roots can be a major excavation project.    The process could be very costly… not only in a monetary way…. but it could cost jobs… friendships… social acceptance as well as family relationships.    Roots … as we well know… can go deep…..DEEP into the earth and spread in every direction touching many things as well as people.  Most times we would never know who or what could be affected…. until those roots are tampered with or begin to come to the surface.

Other opinions are formed….. or changed….. by the group of friends we begin to hang around with, as we grow into our own person.   If our generational roots have not grown as deep and strong … or if we have chosen to rebel and sever those roots… our opinions can take on the form of those people we surround ourselves with.   There again… not always a bad thing… depending on the subject matter it could actually be a better thing.  Even very controversial issues can take us on a new life journey, and as long as those opinions do not invade someone else’s opinions…. by sucking life out of their roots, we can all still live side by side and get along.   Many new opinions are formed simply because of selfish ambitions.   They have swayed our directional thinking so we can “fit in” with a person or group that will take us to bigger, better and higher places, without giving them any real thought, consideration, research or prayer time.

Many of these issues could be solved in this world if we would just stop and discern every issue we face in a totally unbiased manner …. unfortunately…. most of us already have those “preconceived opinions” tucked down so deep inside of us we probably don’t even recognize they are there.   When asked… are you prejudice???   ….. We automatically get on the defensive side and deny any such thing because that would mean we are narrow minded…. bigoted….mean spirited and just plain rude.  We try to come up with many reasons to defend ourselves….. to justify our reasoning’s and some could be justifiable while others…. well… they just wouldn’t hold water ….much like a bucket with holes in it!

Being prejudice TOWARDS things …. are one thing …. being prejudice AGAINST people is an entirely different story!
We are ALL important to God…. He said in His Word
….For God shows no partiality [undue favor or unfairness; with Him one man is not different from another]. Romans 2:11 (Amp)
and again …
Then Peter replied, “I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism.   Acts 10:34 (NLT)

God Never in His Word ever made reference to skin color as a basis of blessings… favoritism….entry to Heaven…. exclusion from Hell….
in fact V 35 of Acts continues by saying
In every nation he accepts those who fear him and do what is right.
In fact … one of the Greek definitions of the word “nation” in this verse is “RACE”
…. We could say… In every RACE he accepts those who fear Him and do what is right!!!
So many times through out the Word of God…..God said….. ALL….  and in case we are not sure the definition of the word … Websters definition .. copied and pasted is….

Simple Definition of all

  • : the whole, entire, total amount, quantity, or extent of

  • : every member or part of

  • the whole number or sum of

Like they say…. ALL means……there ain’t no more!!!

But then again…… Matthew 24:7-7 says talking about the signs of the end…..
Nation will go to war against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world.  But all this is only the first of the birth pains, with more to come.

That same word… Nation…. “Race”…. says Race will go to war against race….. one of the end time signs….that is most definitely coming to pass right before our eyes!!!
Even though the media continues to stir this pot….We do not have to be a participant!  We Can choose to Love!   Love like Jesus did…. color blind!
…..The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”   1 Samuel 16:7
It’s whats INSIDE that counts!

So…. if you have found yourself in a place where you might have to answer the question…. Are you Prejudice?…. with a yes….. Stop and ask yourself…. and God…. why do I have this issue?
Where and when were these preconceived ideas formed…. and then… Repent…. and ask God to continue to change your heart.   Ask Him to open your eyes to see past color… Race… Religion….He is big enough to do it….. the question I guess though….. but… Are YOU big enough to change it?

When we begin to Love like He Loves…we will see Revival break out in our lives… our church… our community…. and in our Country!   It starts with you…. it starts with ME!
Lets keep our prejudice ideas to the little things…. and remember….. ALWAYS choose PURPLE!!!


S……. Is For Sorrows Lesson 6


S….. The last lesson of the TEARS Series.
So… what are some Tear inducing words that start with S.

Sadness……. Secrets…….Separation………. Shame……. Sickness……… Sin……… Sorrow……. Songs……… Sunshine……Stress…… Sacrifices …..

This one seemed to be hard for me to get the “right” one.   I “Struggled” through this one until the week before I was to teach it.   God kept bringing the word “Sorrow” to me and I couldn’t
figure out what would make it different from the others I taught on ….. and then …. it hit me!!!!

When we add an “S” to the end of a word…. that word then becomes plural…. meaning there now are  multiples involved.   Not only does the word Sorrow include……
Trials…. Endings….. Adultery…..Remember…..but everything not covered there as well….

The Dictionary defines Sorrow as:
To feel deep sadness or mental pain.  Deep sadness especially for the loss of someone…. or something loved.

The KJV Dictionary Defines Sorrow:
The uneasiness or pain of mind which is produced by the loss of any good. or of frustrated hopes of good, or expected loss of happiness; to grieve; to be sad.

Related words:
Agony, Distress, Pain, Suffering, Torment, Blues, Dejection, Depression, Desolateness, Despair, Despondence, Distress, Doldrums, Downheartedness, Dreariness, Gloominess, Heartsickness, Joylessness, Melancholy, Miserableness, Misery, Mopes, Oppression, unhappiness, Woefulness, Guilt, Regret, Remorse, Self-reproach, Shame, Self-pity.

For the last 5 lessons, I have given you many things that have caused tears to flow in my life….. but many of you have gone through so many things I can not even imagine how you have withstood them….!   Only through the strength of Holy Spirit…. have kept the Faith and kept on keeping on!

I began to think of my friend …. who has suffered 3 plus years with Lyme Disease.   I have seen her struggle with deep pain that attacks her body and her strength ….. mentally and physically…. and has changed her way of life in many ways.   When things get hard to bare… I have seen her somehow pull that strength out from deep within and she makes it… another day… to fight.

Then I was reminded of A Mother in our class who has faithfully taken care of her sweet daughter that has been in a wheelchair for many years.  I have seen tears and struggles through the smiles they show when they are at church only when you look deep into her eyes.   She is a master at hiding the fear…. the exhaustion…. the sadness she holds within.   God has continued to strengthen her but the sorrows…. are real and the tears…. oh I’m sure there have been many behind closed doors of her home.

I also thought of another woman who herself has been in a wheelchair from I believe MS.   I have no idea how many years she has been confined to that chair, yet you can count on her showing up to church on Sundays…. and Wednesday night services as well.   I know her heart has longed to rise up and leave that chair sitting on the curb…. and yet… she continues to push through her restrictions…. her…. sorrows…. and greets each one of us with a beautiful smile!   Proof…. of her Love for our Savior ….. shines in her eyes… and through her life!

As I walk around the room I see other women in my class who have gone through so many sorrows I have not been through.   Women who have been taken care of by a mother…. and now… are taking care of her mother.   Tenderly and patiently walking near her as she walks with a walker from place to place!
One…. Has just been through surgery on her leg and is Cancer Free.
Another who has had job layoffs…. rehiring…. layoffs….
Family and Children who have had drug addictions…..
One who lost a husband and moved several states away…. trusting …. that God had told her to move to Missouri… without having family to meet here.

And still…. though so many sorrows were listed in our little class room…. there are oh …. so many more that are facing much greater sorrows….. sorrows that I can not even wrap my head around!
Every time we turn on the TV….Read in a paper or on Facebook…. we hear more and more of…
Shootings…. like the Dallas Police Shootings.
Selfishness…. People taking the life of loved ones to get back at someone.
Slander….. Oh… the Political race at its finest.
Scared……..People don’t feel safe

The Bible says in Psalm 34:17-19

When the righteous cry [for help], the Lord hears
And rescues them from all their distress and troubles.
The Lord is near to the heartbroken
And He saves those who are crushed in spirit (contrite in heart, truly sorry for their sin).
Many hardships and perplexing circumstances confront the righteous,
But the Lord rescues him from them all.

I thought about that Scripture…. and the verse that says…. “The Lord is near to the heartbroken”…… How near is He really?   Sometimes we feel as though He is a million miles away and He doesn’t see our sorrows… and if He does… He must not even care!    But God reminded me of our Scripture we have based this study on….
Psalm 56:8   You keep track of all my sorrows.
    You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
    You have recorded each one in your book.

Now … let me ask you…. What happens to a tear when it falls off of your cheek?    It falls to the ground…. or on your clothes…. and then it is absorbed.  If it is absorbed…. it can’t be retrieved…. if it can’t be retrieved…. it can’t be kept in a bottle.    Right?   So…. according to the Scripture… if God collects ALL my tears in His bottle… He is going to have to be close enough to catch those tears before they fall of my cheek.   THAT is pretty close….. pretty “near to the heartbroken”…. wouldn’t you agree?

Psalm 30:5
….weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning!

2nd Corinthians 4:17
For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long.

At the end of each class I poured a corresponding color of sand into a tall bottle to represent the tears kept in a bottle…
T…. was for  Trials… and Teal was the color of sand.
E…. was for Endings…. and Evergreen was the color of the sand.
A….. was for Adultery… and Amethyst…. the sand.
R….. was for Remember…. and Raspberry sand was what I choose.
S….. was for Sorrow…. and Silver was the last color of sand.

The Bottle was beautiful!
I believe…. That I have Many Tear bottles in heaven!   I believe… they will be even more beautiful than this one… and in my mansion that God
has prepared for me…. these Tears…. in Gods bottle…. will be a beautiful decoration on my mantle!

One last surprise God gave me for this class…. a Poem.   I …. am not a Poet…. I have tried time and time again to write poems and they never turn out….. but when God is in it… it just happens..


  Whenever life gets hard
and your tears begin to flow,
Your Father God in Heaven
Can See your every woe.

Not only does He see them,
no matter how things look,
each Tear He catches in a bottle
and records them in His book.

For every trial you’re facing
though the battle is so real,
This test will soon be over
and your tears will turn to Teal.

In life we have beginnings
and endings that are mean.
But every tear we’ve shed for them
are now for Ever-Green.

Your heart in part was broken,
Adultery… the catalyst,
But as a Princess of The King
Royal tears are shades of Amethyst.

Memories, sweet memories
They make our hearts so merry.
Good and bad, the tears you see
are now a bright Raspberry!

Sorrows seem to multiply
They set our hearts to quiver.
But when our God has touched those tears,
They’ll  Shine like Precious Silver.

E……Is For Endings…… Lesson 3



The Letter “E” is our next lesson in the series of T.E.A.R.S.

A few words that could draw a tear are:
Endings….. Emptiness…. Embarrassment…… Enemies…. Enduring…. Evil…. Eviction…..Exasperation….. Excluded…. Edification…. Encouragement…. Exonerated ….

The word Emotions itself begins with “E”
Happy Emotions…. Sad Emotions… Excited…..Mad…
Emotions can grab us out of no where sometimes… and how we “react” to them can vary.   Me?…. well I seem to have an abundance of tears in reserve and it certainly
doesn’t take much for the floodgates to open and flow freely.

Endings ….however…. is the E word I felt God wanted me to use.      If…. there is a beginning … there will always be…. an ending!
Example…. movies.   I really don’t like to got to watch a movie in a theater very much….. oh… I like the atmosphere…. the fullness of the surround sound that seems to go all through you…. and of course… movie popcorn with extra butter!!!   What I don’t like about it,  is it really doesn’t matter if it is a love story… action film… or a cartoon…. I almost ALWAYS cry at some point in the movie!  And if it is one of those real tear jerkers… you can only imagine what I look like when the lights come on when you don’t even leave the house to get the mail without Mascara and Eyeliner.   If you still don’t get the picture…. lest just say…. “it ain’t pretty!”

I remember when my son was younger, his favorite movie was Air Bud.   We must have watched that movie a 100 times…. and yet…. EVERYTIME he yelled at Buddy to go away….. and then threw the ball so he could run back to the boat…. leaving that sad little dog just watching …. wondering why he was left…. I BAWLED….. even though… I KNEW in 5 minutes he would come strolling in on the basketball court.  And then lets not forget the ones that had really sad endings…. like My Girl…. or The Green Mile!   Lets just say… I was glad I was home… behind closed doors and windows and next to the Kleenex and makeup remover!

Embryo    (Because Babies doesn’t start with the Letter “E”)
New born babies make me cry too!!   There is just something about those sweet little things that just touch my heart and apparently my heart is attached directly to those darn tear ducts!
Their beginning…. will begin to set off a continues stream of beginnings…. and …. endings.

As Mommas…. we are totally wrapped up in those little ones’ life!   When they are happy…. we are happy…. when they are sad…. we are sad…. when they cry… yep…. we cry!
When they go off to school…. Kindergarten…. we cry…. for their beginning…. but at our ending of those precious toddler years.

When they graduate from High School…. We cry…. at their beginning of being an adult…. but at our ending of our nurturing role as a parent.

Then they get married…. we cry…. at their beginning of a new role in the adult world of husband and or wife…. but the ending of being the only woman possessing their heart.

….. and when they have their first baby….. we cry…. at the beginning of their parental status…. and the ending of yet another closed chapter in ours.
Beginnings…. and …. endings… bring lots of tears!

Another ending for some of us has to do with Divorce.    Our beautiful…. happy ever after dream beginning…. ended in a ugly…. night mare ending.  I shed many tears during the nearly 2 years of struggling to keep my marriage from ending in a statistic.  I prayed…. confessed…. believed…. and tried to be who I thought he wanted me to be, only to find out that once I was there….. it was never satisfactory to him and to me…. well… I had almost forgotten who I really was.    So…. I filed for divorce…. and now… I found myself… “Estranged”…. “Empty” and “Exhausted”!

But …. God never left me.  He walked me through ever step.  Even when I felt like I was a complete failure and was a disappointment to Him… He would remind me through things like a song on the radio…. words from my child….or even a TV show.    I remember when I was having a super bad night… and Touched By An Angel was on.  Andrew (the death Angel) was preparing to take a woman home who was dying in an alley.   The camera panned to his face and as he was telling her… he was looking me in the eye and said… God wants me to tell you… He loves you very much and He is not disappointed in you!!   Oh my!!!   God touched my heart …. which we recently concluded has a direct connection to my tear ducts … in a big way!

And of course…. Life…. if life has a beginning…. Life has and ending…. which we call …. death.
Not all of us may go through some of the previous “endings” I have talked about …. but everyone of us will at some point in our life …. experience the ending of life of someone we love.

Our family had a streak of deaths for awhile in the ’90s.   One of those was my dad.   My dad… suffered with prostate cancer for almost 2 years and the last few days were extremely hard.  The last day of his life seemed to be the longest for all of us… as he experienced many hours of extreme pain…then some kind of a seizure….. followed by a stroke…. and then he slipped into a coma before he took his last breath.

The tears I shed…. was for the ending of his life…. a life cut way too short … in a very cruel… cruel way!   A life… that would no longer be there to share in all of the joys…sorrows…. the beginnings and endings with the rest of us.   But…. our ending…. was only his …. beginning!!   You see… just a few months before he died… he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior!!    So his beautiful beginning of everlasting life with our Heavenly Father…. ended…. his pain … his sorrow… and his suffering!

Ecclesiastes 7:8 AMP
Better is the end of a thing than the beginning of it.

Revelation 21:4
God will wipe away every tear from their eyes and death shall be no more, neither shall there be anguish (sorrow and mourning) nor grief nor pain anymore, for the old conditions and the former order of things have passed away.

Isaiah 25:8
He will swallow up  death (in victory; He will abolish death forever) and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces; and the reproach of His people He will take away from off all the earth; for the Lord has spoken it.



“T”….. Is For Trials….. Lesson 2



Lets think of some words that start with  “T” …. that could make us cry?
Taunting….Tattlers….. Taxes….. Temptations…. Terrors….. Theft……. Tombs….. Torment…. Torture….. Traitors…… Travailing…. Tired….Tribulation…. Trouble….

Many others that I could have listed or …. many that you are thinking of that haven’t even crossed my mind but are very high up on your list of “T” words for Tears.

The “T” word however, that God gave me was Trials.
Websters definition is:
A TEST of the quality, value or usefulness of something
A TEST of someones ability to do something
A TEST of Faith, patience, or stamina through subjection to suffering or temptation.

The word TEST was in all of those definitions and I dont know about you…. but I have never been a fan of TESTS!
Have you thought about those trials you are…. or have gone through…. as a test?    Really… when you think about it…. that is exactly what they have been.   Those tests… those trials have made you who you are today…. who you will be tomorrow!   Look back….can’t you say that…. TODAY…. you are much… Much  stronger than you were before the trial?   A lot more wiser?   How about your Faith?   Hasn’t it grown some deeper roots?!?!?

Like most of you… I have had my share of trials throughout my soon to be 53 years on this earth.   When you ask me about those trials…. many times I will refer to the “adult” trials I have had…. but… one “trial” when I was a kid was probably the one that really set my journey of character building into motion…. and I had no idea until just a few months ago the impact it had on me.
I think I had pushed it out of my carousel of memories and thought I could just forget it…. but with it being brought back to the forefront of my mind lately… I believe it is what God wanted me to bring up in this lesson.

I am really not sure how old I was when this happened…. I really am not sure the exact “how” “when” and “why” it happened.   The one thing I DO remember… is the long lasting sting that continued to happen all through my Grade School, Jr. High School and even through High School.
Living out in the country as I was growing up…. I was a “bus kid”and was close to the last picked up… and the last dropped off.   The ride probably was 30-45 minutes long…. and sometimes felt like 4-5 hours.   Most of the time there was a few people we could talk and laugh with… and if some of my friends weren’t on …. I could always try to do some of my homework… or just gaze out the window…. watching the poles go by.

The older you got… the farther to the back of the bus you got to sit.  That… of course is where the older… “cool” kids were.   Like I said… I still have no memory of how old I was…. but apparently one of the High School Boys must have pulled my hair.    It must have been bad enough…. because…. I really wasn’t a touchy kid… that after I got home… I must have began to cry….. and that is when my parents must have called the school.
My life…. began to change from that moment on!   The “cool” kid was kicked off the bus…. and I … inherited a new nick name….. Miss Priss…. Prissy….. Priss Priss Priss Priss Priss!   From that day on… the bus ride to … and from school always had a chant of some sort ….. with my new name attached to it.   It never really let up all through my school “career”…. although the last of the “cool” kids of that era graduated a year ahead of me… which meant my SR year was a bit less “colorful” on the bus ride home.

Looking back…. I know I shed many tears over that.  I never could understand how I got “punished” for something that someone else had done!   I was a kid… 10-12 years old I’m sure.   A girl.   Not a threat.   Not mean.   But nevertheless… I was singled out and Taunted and Tormented!   That Trial… that TEST… came to break me.   In many ways it did… but in even greater ways… it only made me more resilient and stronger!   It came to make me cower down…. and to never speak out on in justice for myself… and even others!   For a time… I suppose it did… but with all of the other “Trials” I have gone through since then… I am not that person the devil wanted me to be!

God had plans for me.   He protected me through many of those situations…. mentally, physically, and Spiritually!   I had great parents that I knew had my back….. and I made it through!
In the ’70’s….. “bullying” was not as mean spirited as it is today!    Bullying …. also was not as tolerated either…. because even the kids who did step into that roll… knew…  it was wrong… and had parents that would not have supported that kind of behavior.

Trials…. come….to test… test our Faith… not only for God…. but for ourselves… they not only show God your faith is genuine… but also proves to yourself… how genuine your faith is!!!
Go through your Trials… with your head up … as best you can… shed a few… or a lot of tears… but keep on keeping on through it.   It is only for a season… only for a “little while”… and when you come out of it… you will be like the man in the story below!!
James 1:2-3
Consider it nothing but joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you fall into various trials.  Be assured that the testing of your faith [through experience] produces endurance [leading to spiritual maturity, and inner peace].

1st Peter 1: 6-7
 So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while.  These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

Acts 20: 19
I have done the Lord’s work humbly and with many tears. I have endured the trials that came to me from the plots of the Jews.
Trials…. I often think of this story  below …when I wonder … why … we have to go through some things..

The Unmoved Rock

 Once upon a time, there was a man who was sleeping at night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light and the Saviour appeared. The Lord told the man He had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front of his cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to push against the rock with all his might. This the man did, day after day. For many years he toiled from sun up to sun down, his shoulders set squarely against the cold, massive surface of the unmoving rock, pushing with all his might.

Each night the man returned to his cabin sore and worn out, feeling that his whole day had been spent in vain. Seeing that the man was showing signs of discouragement, Satan decided to enter the picture placing thoughts into the man’s mind such as: “You have been pushing against that rock for a long time, and it hasn’t budged. Why kill yourself over this? You are never going to move it.” Thus giving the man the impression that the task was impossible and that he was a failure.

These thoughts discouraged and disheartened the man even more. “Why kill myself over this?” he thought. “I’ll just put in my time, giving just the minimum of effort and that will be good enough.” And that he planned to do until one day he decided to make it a matter of prayer and take his troubled thoughts to the Lord.

“Lord,” he said, “I have laboured long and hard in your service, putting all my strength to do that which you have asked. Yet, after all this time, I have not even budged that rock a half a millimeter. What is wrong? Why am I failing?” To this the Lord responded compassionately, “My child, when long ago I asked you to serve me and you accepted, I told you that your task was to push against the rock with all your strength, which you have done. Never once did I mention to you that I expected you to move it. Your task was to push.

And now you come to me, your strength spent, thinking that you have failed. But, is that really so? Look at yourself. Your arms are strong and muscled, your back sinewed and brown, your hands are callused from constant pressure, and your legs have become massive and hard. Through opposition, you have grown much and your abilities now surpass that which you used to have. Yet you haven’t moved the rock. But your calling was to be obedient and to push and to exercise your faith and trust in My wisdom. This you have done. I, my child, will now move the rock.”

Source unknown




Why Pray?



The question why pray has come up in our Bible studies. Especially when God is supposed to be in control. God told me this morning that there is always casualties in war. And we are in a spiritual battle with the real enemy and we need to pray for wisdom to fight that battle

A Lesson From “Oh”


I was thinking this morning about many things…. I often do while I am getting ready for the day….. and today… Easter…. was full of many new things that kept my mind going!
I was Praying for the service….Praying the Power that comes from the Blood of Jesus would be great today…. Praying for the Pastor to be bold in speaking truth to the people…. the ones
who are always there… and…. the ones who maybe are there for Easter or the Baptisms we had today…… (there were 7….. Praise God)
I prayed for my friends… friends who have really been going through major trials…. and family …. who just need to know and feel and see…. this loving God that is a major part in my life!

I then read a post on FB asking for prayers to get back to the US safely because…. being it was Easter…. the terrorist threats were high and tensions were up over the weekend.    Sad to think
a day we celebrate because of the Love of our Savior….could insight so much hate from others!    As I thought about and prayed against the attacks of the enemy…. praying their actions and
their plans would be thwarted….. I suddenly got a picture of the movie….. Home.

Have you seen it?
It is a cute little movie I was introduced to by my 6 year old Granddaughter.  A quick run down on the story line goes like this:
These alien…. “things”…. called boov’s…. were running from this “bad guy” they thought were after them to hurt them.   They found Earth and heard that the people of earth were simple and backwards…. and therefore they could simply uproot them and and relocate them all to Australia…. and take over the planet.
One of the Boov was called “Oh”…. and ended up with the only human who was left in her city!   They go on this adventure trying to find her mom… and him trying to escape from his many
mistakes…. and “Oh” becomes to realize what love and family means.   He had never been with a “mom” and had no concept of feelings.  He also… like the other Boov… had been told the humans on Earth were simple and backward… and they all believed what they were told because they had never been around them to find out for themselves anything different.

Now…. why is this movie in my head …. while praying for the enemies we have as Christians?
Many attacks have been on Christians.   As long as anyone can remember .. there has been ….. but especially the last few years we have seen an increase in numbers and in severity!
I believe they …… the members of ISIS…. or who ever is so against Christians that they hate us…. have been lead to believe we are ….. simple and backward….. or maybe….. radical and dangerous to their cause….. or even…. worthless or wicked.   What ever they have been told… someone … a trusted leader…. has declared it so…. and many…. have believed it…. even though many have not spent time with a true follower of Jesus to see what it is that makes them hate us so much.

Tip…. in the movie…. showed “Oh”…. what love was all about…. she searched for her mom and through conversations…. action…. and time…. “Oh” seen what was “untrue” of the way he had been taught.   When he figured it out…. he stood up to his leader and confronted him with truth.

I believe God is saying….although there are some who have a real hate towards Christians and may never change their minds about their beliefs….. there are many…. “enemies of God”…. haters of Christians…. who have been told untruths about us.   Some… may have been in the group of immigrants who came over a few months back to live among us in the US.   Maybe…. just maybe…. by watching us…. talking to us…..listening to us….. may see the lies that were said about us and come to realize the truth… and then the Truth…. will set THEM free as well!!

Genesis 50:20   As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring about that many people should be kept alive, as they are this day.

God’s Provision


Many times when we have our focus on God’s provision …. we tend to look at the BIG things…. when God provides for us everyday!   Big things… AND little things
that seem insignificant to most people ….but will leave a very big mark on your heart to know that you know that you know…. God cares!!!